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Apex legends crashes when kaspersky starts update or scan.

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I would like to have a discussion about this since i have noticed that Apex legends keeps crushing when kaspersky starts to update or starts rootkit scan. I tried pausing kaspersky while i play but kaspersky starts update or scan anyway ?? so i have unchecked the box idle scan since game is on 2nd HDD so i think that kaspersky thinks its idle and starts scaning (i dont know im a noob ;) and Apex legends crush.

There are lot of different crushes in Apex legends and i think its mainly because of their anti cheat program they have. So i had to turn off some programs that run in background and now mine game doesnt crushes so often. And now i figured out every time kaspersky starts update or scan Apex legends crashes. 

Since this game is really popular i dont know how many of ur clients play it but please can u take look into it.


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Settings > Performance > Use Gaming Mode (make sure this box is checked).

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Yes i did but it doesnt matters i turn it off and  put weekly update and still tries do update alone or scan. I never had problems using Kaspersky for 10 years best antivirus program for me. But Apex legends is crashing cause of it. 

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Posted (edited)

Try Settings > Performance > Search For Software ...(Rootkits) .  Uncheck this option if it is checked.  Leave Gaming Mode ON.  Set Update schedule to manual (for trouble-shooting),  Settings > Additional > Update > Set Up Run Mode ....

Also, what Kaspersky product and version are you using (pass mouse pointer over Kaspersky icon is the system tray)?

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