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KTS tediously slow updating

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I'm using KTS 19...1088(d).

KTS used to download updates and install them within approx 2-3 minutes. However, over the last couple of months, downloading can take 2-3 minutes just on its own, then updating files can take anywhere up to 5-6 minutes after that. This was happening using Windows 10 vs 1803, and is still happening when I upgraded to Windows 10 vs 1809 last week. So, any idea(s) what's going on - is there something I can try before getting into the GSI thing (which itself is a pain, don't know why they don't incorporate it into KTS/KIS/KAS and send it straight from there).


PS are Kasp bringing out a new version of KTS/KIS at all?

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Try to update manually and see if there is any difference.

Look for new version releases around mid-year.  Patches to supported versions are issued randomly during database updates.

Perhaps the Update Report may show something:   Main Screen > More Tools > Reports > Detailed Reports (upper-right).  In the left-hand pane (drop-down box), select Database Update, click on the most recent entry in the list, then click Details in the lower right-hand pane.

Next, click EXPORT in the upper-right (next to SEARCH box), name the file and save to the desktop.

Within the forum, locate and attach the saved file to your next post.

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Please find update report attached. I don't know if it tells you how long it took for that particular update but it was 11mins, 29 seconds, just to update 773.44KB; a good case in point.


KTS19 Update Report.txt

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Looking at my own Update Report for today, I find 6 updates received.  The update times range from 2 minutes 57 seconds to 1 hour and 57 minutes.  Speed varies from .02 kbs to 201 kbs.  To be honest, I don't checked these parameters very often but it does seem a bit slow and long.  I'm seeing a large variance in time and speed for updates about the same size.  Overall my machine is healthy so perhaps it's a server problem.

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...and I thought I had problems: 1'57"! :blink:

So, perhaps not much can be done about it a local level but it's good to know that it doesn't seem to be a problem with my particular product/machine, which is good to know, so thanks for your replies.


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