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Password manager can't tell the difference between subdomains

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If I go to www.mydomain.com and save my password then when I go to promotion.mydomain.com then password manager thinks is the same domain which is wrong.


Also if I manually add the account on password manager it thinks that the accounts are the same and automatically merge them :angry:


It should at least ask if I want to merge them, now I have to recover my passwords again.


Plus while writing this post password manager pops up asking if I want to save this login. Which one? the entire post?

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Any news ?



Try the following:

Add both URLs (for both sites) in KPM and choose special option in front of Website URL section for both: "Last folder in the website URL". Then try to open these sites and check the issue.

It should help:)

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On 2/6/2017 at 6:30 AM, Mefodys said:

...choose special option in front of Website URL section for both: "Last folder in the website URL".

I can see that option. Can you tell me where?

Other p/w managers seem to do this automatically. Can anyone tell me a good reason to use KPM as it just seems to be a bit of a pain in the proverbial?  I guess one could use bitly links but it really does seem easier to use something that works properly.

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fbertran, hello,

Indeed there is no the option in current KPM for Mac version. The feature shuold be available in the next KPM versions for Mac.

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