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I am using Blue Coat K9 Web protection for my website content filtering and just switched to KIS 2014. (Previously I used KIS2012) I set K9 as a well as svchost.exe as trusted application in KIS 2014 and unchek traffic monitoring just as I had to do in KIS2012 to get K9 web protecton to work. In the previous KIS that was enough and internet worked smoothly.


But here in 2014 that is apparantly not engouh....the web works one minute and doesn't work the next literally. I used to think it just needed some time to get used to, but no. I turned off firewall, set KIS to lowest security, turned off every singel option available and still no go :(


Please help, there must be something that can be done. If K9 worked with KIS 2012, surely it must work with the latest version, don't you think so?

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Maybe not. :)


Does it work if you exit Kaspersky via right click the red K tray icon? (please start Kaspersky when done trying)


Please post your GetSystemInfo report link, instructions are located in the fifth (5th) Important topic.


Please see the small print that is located at the bottom of this message.

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