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I've just got to Moscow to my girlfriend's place and installed newly acquired KIS 2012 for our 2 computers. One laptop and one desktop, both win7 home editions.

After installing KIS 2012 on the laptop, I noticed some updates were available on her system and decided to install them.

Next morning we wake up and click on the laptop, I see the blue screen of death with error message 0x0000C1f5


I'm unable to get to windows at all. not with f8, not with f11. Safe boot doesn't work at all, last known working configuration doesn't work. All diagnostic test pass. Seems the problem is with conflicting updates on KIS and windows 7.

Is there any way to resolve it?


Please help !

There is a ton of family stuff on the laptop that I'm trying to save, so formatting is out of the question, until I can get that done at least.


Thanks in advance.

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In addition to what PATHIAN indicates in the post above,


please also contact Tech Support: https://my.kaspersky.com/en/support/helpdesk



To Pathian,

thanks for the advice. Reporting. I tried the work around. Managed to download win7 installation iso. However, it turns out that my gf's computer was win 7 home basic edition and the system said that it wasn't possible to repair using it. However, it still let me get to some repair options (couldn't repair) and into HP recovery module. Backing up of the files froze at 93% , so that was a no go. and any attempts to repair/boot/ fix the mbr didn't work.

Unfortunately, I had to leave country the next morning and had no more time to try other things. When I get back home, I'll try to patch the installation iso from home premium to basic and see if that helps in repair. If not, will probably have to get the enclosure device and backup all files from the laptop hard drive into a removable and reinstall the operating system.




Kaspersky and virtual keyboard.


New question. On my own laptop, some of my keys don't work, so I been using virtual keyboard. However, I completely forgot my Kaspersky password and kaspersky password box won't admit virtual keyboard keys.. Any way around that?

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If you can't recover anything more from the hard drive, then you might want to consider buying one of these adapters...


IOMAX USB 2.0 to SATA/IDE Adapter (Amazon link)


...I've found them to be a lifesaver when it comes to corrupted Windows installs. You just whip out the hard drive, plug one end of the adapter into the hard drive, the other end into a working PC and you can copy/paste the files across.

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