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Admin Kit not connecting to PC on different subnet

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hello all


got an unusual issue that ive spent most of day trying to resolve, and im all out of ideas, hoping someone here can help!


Basically i have a pc on the same physical network, but has a totally unique ip subnet

admin kit subnet:

pc subnet:

it is routed through our firewall and at moment has an allow all policy, all other communication between the main network and this pc is working correctly

i can ping, browse network shares etc etc


only thing that isnt working is kaspersky kit.

i have other remote pcs on different subnets, that use same firewall and i have no problems at all contacting them with admin kit

the only thing unique about this pc is that it is in a workgroup rather than a domain and there is no reference to it in active directory at all.


the strange thing is

admin kit detects the workgroup and the pc

although as soon as i add it to its own managed group admin kit claims it is unavailable on the network

but it allows me to install the network agent and workstation application to it?

i have re-installed the network agent 3 times now and it still claims it cannot see the pc in question?


windows firewall is disabled, kaspersky is running on the machine, it just cannot be centrally controlled

oh and ive added the subnet to the list of IP subnets in admin kit


i am using admin kit: 8.0.2048 same version network agent and workstation :

both pcs are xp pro


many thanks in advance

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Since you managed to get the Network Agent installed on the PC in question have you run klnagchk.exe to test connectivity back to the Admin Kit?

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Hello rob



klnagchk helped me diagnose the problem

must admit never used it before or was even aware of its existence

instantly confirmed it was a dns issue (didnt realise it stored server details using NETBIOS name on the client)

simply added server ip to the hosts file

everything aok


many thanks



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