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Hello. I've only found one other thread with this. There may be more but I have a question about it.

I did my first full system scan today with KAV 2010 that I just installed. I was told I have two instances of legal software that criminals could use.


It calls them hiddenobject.multi.generic and the path is to C:\ and the name is just a bunch of letters and numbers. (this is seen when I look at "detected")

The detailed report tells me what was scanned and so on and protection, objects scanned and so on for everything else tells me that I am virus free.


I do have mbam installed (not running full time and actually have it for the day I hope doesn't happen when I may need it) and wonder if that's it. And I guess there are a few other things I have like RealTemp that it could be.

I just think it's a little odd to detect legal software and judge it potentially dangerous.


Is there harm in neutralizing it? Can I restore it if the program that it depends on fails?

Is there harm in just telling KAV to ignore the message and if it does try to do something "bad" will KAV stop it?


Man, life just gets more complicated by the day, doesn't it?

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if you neutralise them and the program doesn't work you can restore them from quarantine or reinstall the program. if the protection status is green and there are no other problems do not worry too much about these warnings.


If something bad should be attempted KAV will of course step in as long as the virus definitions are up to date and it knows what to look for.

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Thank you for the reply.


My main KAV screen actually is yellow, telling me that there's potentially unwanted software detected and my security is at risk.


I'm assuming KAV errs on the side of caution here.


Regarding your last statement, I'll assume that I can tell KAV to ignore this for now and my status should return to "green" and if it truly is something unwanted and tries something funny, KAV should still stop it (?).


Naturally, I make sure my definitions are constantly updated. What's the point of having a Ferrari and not putting gas in it?

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...and the path is to C:\ and the name is just a bunch of letters and numbers.
Please post the full detection details. Full path and object name. Edited by richbuff

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I appreciate the bit of help offered so far and I know some people will think I'm crazy (and you may very well be right) but I've decided to roll back to ver.2009 for just a while longer.

It's not so much this issue (which I think might be a leftover from some software trials...perfectly clear possibly) but I've had a problem occur with the random (after every update) rootscans. It deleted some data from a minor game program while I was playing it. I don't want to think what might happen if I'm rendering a movie in roxio.


I just thought it'd be the polite thing to do to let everyone know that you shouldn't waste too much time on this thread as it's not something I'm dealing with anymore.


I guess it can be closed. Thanks anyway.

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