Validation of Kaspersky Anti-Virus personal root certificate

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Hello everybody I am new to this so I hope I have figured out how to go about navigating this site. I hope someone out there is ready to help me. I keep getting this Security warning from Windows It says that I am about to install a certificate from a certification authority (CA). claiming to represent Kasperly Anti-Virus personal root certificate.

It goes on to say: Windows cannnot validate that the certificate is actually from Kaspersky Anti-Virus personal root certificate.

They also said that I need to confirm its origin by contacting Kaspersky and they gave me a thumbprint number. Okay now what do I do? :blink:<_<


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no, that certificate is self generated on your pc (and self generated certificates can't be signed - it's actually better than having the whole world trust a certificate that would be valid and that anyone can get), you can go ahead and allow that.

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