Should I get rid of Ad-Aware?

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I'm currently running Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 and am wondering if I should delete ad-aware pro anniversary edition. My computer is running fine, but I think there could be room for improvement. So.. should I delete ad-aware pro? Or should I keep the extra protection? Sorry if this is the wrong forum to put this under.

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I have use that about a year ago but going with SAS (Super Antispyware) and then MBAM (Malwarebytes Anti-Malware). I gave up Ad-aware pro Aniv,. altogether when I went with SAS , later used MBAM , then a comdo of them both. Also On KIS settings on settings>threats and exclusions>under threats click on settings>under adware and other programs ticke the only box not ticked "other programs".

I use both SAS and MBAM off and on currently MBAM but both are good part time scanners in addition to using KIS I have the paid version for each but the free version of each works also and either one works good with KIS . You can not really go wrong with either SAS or MBAM. But Ad-Aware pro , I dont ever use anymore, my personal choice(s) others may vary.



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I had a similar question a few days ago about the free anniversary version of ad-aware...

It seems the general consensus I have found on the net is to dump it...

MBAM is great... SAS I have not got around to installing yet...


cheers, rod

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