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  1. the install of the latest version of kav seemed to corrupted itself due to bad memory, we replace the memory and attempting to uninstall and reinstall, the repair and modify options are greyed out. Unfortuneately it is not accepting the uninstall password that was provided on the admin kit where it was deployed from. my question is is there a default password for uninstalling this version from windows xp? or is there a manual removal instructions somewhere?
  2. we've been haveing the same touble here at my place of work, we've determined its the mail checker add in for outlook that is causing the slowups, to disable it manually on a pc go into outlook and go to tools > Options > other(tab) > Advanced options > add-in manager and uncheck the kav mail checker, exit outlook and reopen anotherway is to unregister the mcou.dll useing the regsvr32 -u command unfortunately these solutions are temporary when you reboot or log off, they will revert back, the only way ive found to remove the add-on completely is to uninstall kav and then reinstall without mail antivirus i kinda wish there was a way to keep that dll unregistered or just keep the add-in disabled on a company wide scale, disabling the mail antivirus from the policy does not fully disable the mail antivirus. :dash1: im using ms outlook 2003 and kav workstation
  3. im running a server with kav admin kit 6.0.1405 and a client computer running kav, we have it set to scan once every week, so naturally we push the group task and you can see from the client end that the "(group task)" scan is running, after it finishes running i still get the typical pop up message "your computer has not been scanned for a very long time it is advised you run a full scan..." and i have also tried running a scan from the computer itself and it still pops up with that message, tried reinstalling, re-creating the package and reinstalling.
  4. I am currently running a kav 6 admin kit on a local sever, have workstations installed with kav 6 workstation, i know how to fix it, i just dont know how to config the fix. how can "change administration server" though the "deployment wizard" i know i can set it up as a task but it doesnt come up in the deployment wizard ideas? anyone know what i mean?
  5. i have a few P3 550mhz with 512 of ram i tried your suggestion on all three boxes under scan when i start any of them it shows as 98% CPU what happend to the throttle it has in kav 5 where you could stop it if it reaches X percent of CPU?
  6. well i check my clients at least every day and just about every day i have to do a manual update, whats the deal here, we have it set to auto update every 3 hours but i get complaints daily saying the message pops up on their screeen saying their defs are out of date. we have the latest version of server running as as far as i know the latest revision of clients, any clue on why they dont update automaticly as they should, keep in mind that it has been proven that it can reach the internet to retrive updates and almost never goes for the local server which it has been proven permissions are there
  7. well it took some time but i found the solution by myself there were certain settings in real time protection and scan settings you had to set to the folder of vnc and add the service to the exclusions boy i feel dumb hope this helps anyone having the same problem
  8. been there tried that as i thought i stated previously, or maybe i didnt say that either way that didnt work
  9. well i have searched the forum for my answer to the vnc problem but no luck. My problem is this, in the company i work for we use TightVNC as a secondary remote client so if remote desktop doesnt work we can use vnc to get the ball rolling but, no matter what i do no matter how many files i exculde from the scan, vnc is still being blocked, i cant re-enable it, kav doesnt want to let me to allow it to run, i say again its on the trusted riskware list on the client but it still wont allow it to run. How can i Fix this?
  10. My company has recently bought a licence for the admin kit and clients, and everytime it runs a scan 2 things happen, it detects the stuff that i put as allowed as viruses and two, it slows down my computer ALOT. please help. I am running a pentium 4/3Ghz computer with about a gig of ram, my question is there a way to throttle the cpu useage of kaspersky so when my user's computers run a scan or when kaspersky runs a scan automaticly it wont affect their work?
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