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  1. Hi Don Pelotas, thnx for the info on the Ifak hotfix and Win98SE. I may be mistaken but, in the original release MS forgot to tell Win98,98SE users that the patch was Not needed and added to the FAQ latr in a revsion. Also thanx for the dl link for KAVPP 5.0.676 and the info on the FP. After using KAV for about 6 years you would think I would know this but, is there an email notification method of knowing when a new version of KAVPP comes out ?. I had dl'ed a copy of KAV 6.0, since I was entitled to the upgrade, but, I fear that my memory strapped old Win98SE box won't handle it properly. Without checking the KAV website periodically I would Not have known about the newer version of KAVPP 5 had you not told me so. Thanks again.
  2. Hi all, Muchos Gracias for all of replies and the info contained in the discussion. Makes sense that Kaspersky went with the Activation code scheme rather than the older licence code as in KAVPP 5.5. At least now I know that I am Not completely crazy as I could not find the licence in WinXP. I did order a backup copy on CD when I upgraded my buddies PC to KAV 6.0, so he's all set. I also made back up files of all of the numbers ie., registration and activation (license) so that another activation code can be obtained if necessary. Thanks again for the info.
  3. Hi, I am a licensed KAVPP 5.0 user with a key good until 07. I see that I am entitled to a free upgrade to eiher KAV 6.0 or KIS 6.0 and have subsequently dl'ed but, Not installed either. At the same time I had occasion to purchase and install a copy of KAV 6.0 in a friend's WinXP Home PC. I want to make a backup copy of the license key and have searched the knowledge base with No luck. On my own Win98SE PC and KAVPP 5.0, I know where the key is located but, Not in KAV 6.0 in WinXP. Can someone point me in the right direction here ? Thanks.
  4. Hi, Using KAVPP ver. 5.0.527, extended database, Network Attack Detection Disbaled, with 05/26/06 definitions. System is Win98SE with OP Pro ver. 3.51.759.6511 (462) firewall, real time antispyware protection enabled, 05/26/06 definitions. A full system scan on 05/26/06 with KAVPP detected an old Microsoft hotfix patch I had kept a copy of ie., wmf metafile hotfix\wmffix.hexblog13.exe . The object was idenitified as " a potentially dangerous program not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.SaveNow.bo ." Clicking on the above added, detection added 11/23/05, updated 04/21/06, Behavior:not-a-virus:AdWare. Interesting that similar full system scans with KAVPP on 04/21,04/28,05/05,05/12 and 05/19 did NOT detect the above. But there were a myriad of changes ie., firewall application and definition upgrades and updates, a/v definition updates and antispyware definition updates; for example, over that time period. This is the second or third time I have seem this configuration and KAVPP detect a "potentially dangerous program not-a-virus:AdWare.xxx.xxx.xx" . One was a demo game file in which it was understandable that potential AdWare existed within the program. This detection is the first one for a MS Hotfix ie., Windows WMF Metafile Vulnerability Hotfix Set, installed 01/02/06, 284 KB, copyright 2006 by Ilfak Guilfanov, built with Inno Setup (see: http://www.innosetup.com ). Anyone else seen this one ?
  5. Hi all, I emailed Kaspersky Techsupport about this. The Attack Warning: Intrusion.WinSonyDRM.exploit that shows up at the MS TechNet website supposedly has been fixed with Kaspersky AntiVirus database update dated 03/14/06. John
  6. Hi Don Pelotas, Your solution worked just fine ie., No more Attack Warning from KAVPP. Such a simple solution. I look forward to both reading and participating in this Forum. Thanks again. John
  7. Hi Don Pelotas, First, thank you for the timely response. By IDS, I assume Intrusion Detection System being "Enable real time protection against network attacks". I will give it a shot post haste. FYI, this is the first time that I have seen an incompatibility problem with KAVPP and OP Pro. Again, muchas gracias. John
  8. Hi all, I am a new member here at this Forum, although I have been using Kaspersky AntiVirus Personal Pro for several years. Here is my problem: I am currently running KAVPP ver. 5.0.522, my OS is Win98SE and my normal browser is Firefox ver. On 03/08/06 I received an email purportedly from Microsoft ie., Microsoft Security Bulletin Minor Revisions dated 03/08/06. Within this email there are four (4) MS security bulletins listed ie., MS06-009, MS06-005, MS05-054 and MS05-013 and associated links to the respective bulletin. Going to either MS06-009, 06-005 or 05-013 there is No problem. When I go to MS05-054 ie., Cumlative Update for IE, I get the following from KAVPP; Attack Warning: Intrusion.WinSonyDRM.exploit. The IP is, I have verified with WhoIs that the site indeed is MS. Prior to running KAVPP ver. 5.0.522, I ran ver. 5.0.391 and had the same thing happen. "Enable Real Time Protection Against Network Attacks is Enabled", the rest of my Configuration is the Recommended setttings. My firewall is Outpost Pro and it does Not report an attack. Note(s): Security Bulletin MS05-054, KB905915 is installed on my PC. My Internet connection is Verizon DSL. I have followed all directions from Kaspersky, used IE as the browser, allowed Active X to automatically fill in all pertinant file names and versions and associated information and send the info to Kaspersky Tech Support, using the newest tech Support forms and procedures. A copy of the email was attached to the forms. As of yet, I have Not received any information about this "problem" from Kaspersky. Has anyone here at this Forum seen this or anything similar ? I am open to suggestions. Thanks. John
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