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  1. Thank you for your answer, Richbuff, even if it's the standard reply I am already used to. I fully understand your point, this is just a user forum and official support is elsewhere, but once again I see KL doesn't promptly steps in AND FIXES an issue (patch d) that is creating troubles to many customers. Stopping KAV restores fully the system to its normal operation, it's as easy as that. Between a clunky system and an unprotected one, I had to choose the second option.
  2. Hello, sorry to add more negative feedback to the one already piled up, but the reality is that since this patch (d) has been released I have a PC which is really crawling in almost any network-related aspects. Navigation inside Cyberfox (for which there isn't even official support) is really really slow and clunky, but also transfer rates with my NAS located files seem to be affected. Matter of fact, by exiting KAV 2017 web browsing is back to normal. I've read of many users complaining about KIS performance / hiccups, I'd like to know if Kaspersky is going to release a fix really soon now, or if I will be forced to remain unprotected for a long term. Unfortunately, this is not the first time KL misteps on one of its releases.
  3. I don't see listed the latest versions of Agnitum software, only some very old ones. Matter of fact, I have KAV and Outpost Firewall Pro 9.1 installed, and they work.
  4. Thank you for the answer, richbuff. Nevertheless, as often happens when I write in this forum, my view is different than yours. My point is that a malfunctioning piece of software, for which there exists a patch, should not be a matter if the marketing in a certain country decide the people living there "deserves" the fix. I really don't see the logic in such scheme, yet I may understand the release can be "scattered" along some days to avoid the K's servers overload. Having said that, I find ONE full month way too much, and indeed MR1 is still not "officially" available to world outside USA (nor is 2015 in some cases, which is even more puzzling). It may be good to remember that 2014 is not viable for some of us, K recognized that (I had a support case where it has been stated) and so the only solution is to use 2015, or remain stuck to 2013.
  5. Just a quick question: why after more than a month this release has not yet released globally? I continue to find puzzling the fact a certain part of the world has a solution for many issues (Photoshop, for instance), while the other is constantly redirected in this forum to download manually the MR1 from the US site. Personally, I am struggling with PS 5 which is near impossible to use with MR0, but I have refrained to download MR1 manually because I don't remember to have read an official statement on MR1 (US) stating its stability for everybody. Indeed, I waited for the promised worldwide release by September 2014, which unfortunately is over. In short, if MR1 is stable, make it so for all the Kasperky 2015 users. Edit: Typo
  6. Right. By code I was meaning the "binary code" i.e. the program (app).
  7. I can't say anything regarding the license, the differences between the licence bought at the Google store, or at the KL store, have been already discussed here (in another thread, perhaps). But for thre rest, AFAIK there is *NO* difference between what's available via a browser (on a desktop, eventually) and what's available via the Google Play app on your smartphone. In both cases you are going to download the exact same code; however, it is true that certain parts of the product's page may be missing or "restyled", depending on where you are visualizing the Google store.
  8. Well, this is not correct: Google Play states the version, at least for Kaspersky,, see it by yourself. What issues do you have with the Google store?
  9. Don't use version 11.1.x. Rodion has already pointed out that they have released version 11.2.x on Google Play store, and that version finally solves the Wi-Fi problems. I have also tested in the previous weeks a beta of version 11.3.x, and that version too solves the problem. I am wondering if KL will release it as well on the Google Play store, as KL is often VERY inconsistent in releasing the software through the various sale channels. It was not uncommon to download up to THREE different versions from legitimate repositories, and this behaviour creates confusion in the customers. Unfortunately, it is a (bad) practice they still follow sometimes with the desktop software.
  10. Version is the one currently available on the Google store. Can you confirm that this is the one indeed with the Wi-Fi problem fixed? TIA
  11. The problem is, there is already a beta since a couple of months or so that cures the Wi-Fi issue, I know 'cause Rodion passed the link in this forum and I'm using it. Yet, after so many weeks, KL has still to properly release the fix on the Google Play store, and frankly I can't understand that. You see, the beta cannot be activated with your license code, so it works only in the "free" mode, which means you haven't instant protection, i.e. you have to scan manually your device. On the other way around, using the current official release has this serious bug which would force you to make your KIS stupider on the web side. I am wondering when KL will finally fix this mess, which they know very well and they have acknowledged more than once, and REFUND their paying customers, by extending their license end date, for the weeks the product had to be downgraded to have it somewhat working. It's not asking for any favour, it's just the fact we are PAYING for a service that is partially given.
  12. Is this the version that should finally solve the problem with the Wi-Fi connections? I am still using the beta you've indicate some weeks ago ( and looking at the build number of the lastest KIS for Android on the Google Play store it seems a different branch ( If it isn't the case, then I am still waiting for a stable version (not beta) that would allow me to use the license I had paid for, and that I can't use (jeez will you ever fix this mess?)
  13. You are right! I was concentrated on answering to Rodion, and I forgot what you wrote. Sorry. Back to the problem: I dumped more than 500 MB from Titanium Backup to Google Drive. On the first try, it stopped after 30 MB, on the second one it finished regularly. It seems KL is on the right track with this beta, at least for what concerns WiFi connections.
  14. Sorry, Rodion, I was busy with other things and I couldn't be faster in answering. I've downloaded the beta and installed on my terminal, it asked for the login/password to my KL account and discovered that there was an active license available. Unfortunately, it doesn't want to use it: KIS showw all the license data correctly, but it stays in free mode, it doesn't switch to premium. I have also tried to insert manually the activation code, but now it says it is incorrect. This same code is registered on my KL account, I double checked, and after having installed this beta version my KIS license has no more devices in use (two licenses), and my terminal results as a different one running the free version of KIS for Android. Before you ask: no, I didn't reflash the terminal, it is running the exact same OS I had when I removed the official KIS version due to the WiFi bugs. I'm very unlucky with activations lately...
  15. You may want to edit the above URL in your post, Rodion, as it is apparently exposing a login/password to one of the KL FTP sites.
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