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  1. the official site says Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 is released so it's final now. but it doesn't support windows 7?
  2. Anyone know what KIS 2010 final release version number is? And how come the main site doesn't list Windows 7 support in the OS requirement?
  3. is it possible to add an option to allow users to install and bypass the warning? so that we dont have to deal with extra uninstalls and reinstalls during upgrades?
  4. if there is no conflict when installed in the proper order, can KAV remove the detection of ZA Pro? so that we don't have to hassle with the installation order? apparently they ARE compatible with each other...
  5. Anyone know if Zonelarm Pro 8 is compatible with Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009? Can they both be installed and work together without conflicts? I'm using WinXP. BTW: I'm currently using Zonealarm Pro 7 with Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6 without conflicts. My preference for using these two programs together is... - What I like about Zonealarm is the Internet activity lights in the system tray--so I always know if any Internet activity is happening on my PC. It's also a high rated firewall I'm used to using for years. - What I like about Kaspersky Anti-Virus is that it's highly rated, has customization features I like, and light on sytem resources. So now I'm asking to see if I can upgrade to the latest of both versions and use them together without conflicts. Does anyone have experience with this?
  6. Anyone know if Zonelarm Pro 7 is compatible with Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009? Can they both be installed and work together without problems? I'm using WinXP.
  7. is that truly necessary? if so, does that mean everytime we update versions of KAV 7, we have to uninstall/reinstall both programs? seems like much of a hassle!
  8. I'm currently running KAV 6 with ZA Pro 7 and works fine together. I'm deciding whether or not I can upgrade to KAV 7...
  9. But I don't to risk screwing up my computer and security software! I hoping I can get an official word on this here...
  10. Is KAV 7 compatible with ZoneAlarm Pro 7.1? Any conflicts when running both of these on WinXP? Thanks.
  11. well it would be best to at least specify to the user that it's disabling a whole category of notifactions, not just "this" notifcation--to avoid confusion.
  12. i suggest that KAV be more specific about how it's disabling the notifications. i expected it to disable per application--not category. it doesn't seem smart to disable by category. because a program might create some annoying notifications, and just because you want to suppress them doesn't mean it should cause all similar programs' notifactions to be supressed.
  13. is it possible for KAV to add a code that shows the scan results GUI dialog--the same dialog that shows up after I right click on the file and scanned for viruses?
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