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  1. oowh! It's that true... I dunno about it.. Please tell me what to do
  2. my phone has the same problem too i used nokia 6630
  3. Hi again. My pc show some error . I thought maybe after i stop the KAV service and download virus from eicar.com . So what do you think?
  4. Hi there. Yes i've done what you told me. Actually it my friend's pc. So i try to communicate from her to u. Sorry for late reply. Regard, Fazly..
  5. Hi there! My pc keep restarting. So what the problem you think? Is it virus?
  6. Hi! Oo.. no. I 'm not using any program such like you said.
  7. Hi again! Can you give some e.g about security program that you mean? About the old version. Yes i'm using 5.020. Ok! I will give it a try first like you've told me.. See you next time.. Regard Fazly..
  8. Hi Igor! I running KAV version 5. Actually when i running application such like winamp,quicktime,real player,microsoft office; it will take in about 5 minutes to running. At that time i try to refresh at desktop, it working so slow. Then i check at task manager, i saw process; kavmm.exe take so much percent of CPU usage in about 70% to 85%. This is my PC specification.. a) Windows XP SP2 RAM - 256MB c) CPU type - Intel Celeron Regard, Fazly
  9. Hi! My pc was so slow. What can i put i trusted process so it can be more faster?
  10. Hi! Sorry for late reply.. Actually, i have just solve my phone problem using your software (Anti Virus for Windows Workstation) with some software that i download it from internet. The virus that i've found is "(Email-Worm.Win32.Brontok.a)". This virus also attacked my computer after i download some mp3 songs from my friends notebook. After resolve my computer problem i try to install nokia phone connecter software and connect my phone to my computer with usb cable. And it detected the same virus on my phone. Anything, thanks a lot of your kindness support. Ok! see you next time... Regard: Fazly
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