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  1. This thread can be closed, I screwed up doing the conversion the first time.
  2. I will double check, but so far I just noticed the tag active disappears, and the icon goes from blue to white.
  3. My previous policies that are labeled as (converted) will not stay active. I can create new policies, and they stay active. But if I right click and check "active policy", the policy goes active, but then as soon as I click off of it, the active part in status disappears.
  4. For file servers, which is the preferred version to use? Enterprise version and Endpoint security 10 both say they are compatible with most versions of server. So is there a preferred version to use?
  5. Same here but mine was throwing a driver error with klvfs.sys
  6. actually, check out this thread. http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=251724 I think there is a fix for this now.
  7. Having the same problem here with the same version. We are trying the following. boot into safe mode, disable kaspersky service upgrade to newest version. I will report back my findings.
  8. I have the same issue. I only use the File Antivirus, and it's the only thing enabled. In all my policies, the "Enable advanced disinfection technologies" checkbox is enabled. My client says it's working under a policy, but the check box on the client is not checked and is greyed out.
  9. net agent 8 had a lsexec.exe file that I could run after sysprep ran on an imaged machine. I could run it silently and it would install, and talk to the admin kit. net agent 9 no longer has a lsexec.exe file and support pointed me to installing it using a setup.ini file. however, I can't find any documentation on what info should be put in the fields of the setup.ini file. for instance. InstallDir= Is this the path the files will be installed to on the client, or the path where the install files reside on the server. I found this..... http://support.kaspersky.com/kes8wks/install?qid=208285231 but it's VERY vague. Do I not need to have a copy of the files in the image anymore? Anyone got any help?
  10. so the slave servers can take over tasks like pushing out new agents and client versions? And why uninstall the old version first, installing the new version upgrades the current version on the client. Doesn't it?
  11. My main admin server manages about 8500 machines. after upgrading to ksc 9, when I push out the new version, alot of the clients just get stuck at running (53%) I'm thinking the admin server is getting bogged down. So I am trying to figure out if I should setup a slave server or update agents. what is the primary function of each of these (I've read the manuals, but still confused) and which one would be better for my situation. I work for a school district. We have about 50 buildings. Most of the buildings have 150-200 pc's each. The high schools and middle have between 250 and 450 each. thanks.
  12. Yep. Had the same problem yesterday. Luckily my sales person and support seem very willing to help resolve it and have been very apologetic. I haven't had any machines that refuse to install the new license, but I do have about 3000 laptops that hardly ever connect to the network. So support is creating a .exe file for me that contains our new key that the user can simply double click to install it.
  13. When I go through my groups in my admin kit, it keeps pulling in non pc items into the groups. I have 6 or 7 in one group that are reserved IP in dhcp for our projectors. They will never have antivirus on them. Is there currently a way to make it so these things never show up in the admin kit? When they do show up, they show up as unknown~(random number) or none~(random number).
  14. Thought I would update people. I am sure most of you have figured this out now, but what has to happen is that when installing the net agent before sealing the sysprep package, the last step of the network agent installation asks if you want to "start net agent now" That box MUST be unchecked for this to work.
  15. I don't know if that was referring to me or not, but we have 1 av server running over 7000 clients, in fact we are around 7200 right now. I believe our limiting factor right now is the T1 lines going from our main building to our elementary schools. At the beginning of this next school year, all of our schools will have fiber optics from their building back to our main building, where our AV server is located. That should get rid of alot of our latency issues. As it is right now, our high schools and middle schools, which are all on fiber already, hardly have any latency issues with regards to Kaspersky. I have turned down the number of events reported and just now changed some of the settings of the network agent policy.
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