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  1. I'll contact support as I no longer have the email. I still don't understand how I have a product and account but my online purchase doesn't auto register at time of purchase. Seems a little outdated. Thanks guys.
  2. How/where can I retrieve it from my second pc? I have a license for multi computers.
  3. I can log into that but when i click "manage my activation codes" there isn't anything in there. I have a second computer with KIS2011 install and still activated. Is there a way to retrieve the code that that PC ? or are they different ?
  4. I had a windows issue and lost everything (all emails). I reinstalled windows clean but am trying to get my key back for KIS2011. How do i do this ?
  5. I added all of my game files and the Dx file to exclusion without luck. Got tired of it cutting internet so i just went ahead and regretfully uninstalled.
  6. Ok this is weird. So i am playing my game WOW and everything was fine. I went to open IE in the second window/monitor and it wouldn't open (page can't be displayed). KIS was blocking access again but i will still connected to my game. So it wasn't blocking the internet it 100% but it was blocking browser access. So i went into KIS under online security and i played around a bit. I noticed if ANY of these settings are checked it blocks access : Mail Web IM anti spam anti fishing anti banner. Once i unchecked those setting i can load IE perfectly fine but as soon as i check even one of those settings i listed above then i can load a broswer/internet.
  7. If i look through the report it doesn't show any errors that i can see.
  8. Ok it ran, now what ? There is just a bunch of gibberish in a notepad file.
  9. I have windows 7 with KIS 2011 and for some reason sometimes KIS will block out ALL internet connections. Its almost like it locks everything up. When it does that i can't load chrome or any other broswer and when i try to run an APP it takes forever (like its doing something in background). If i close KIS then all my functions come back. There is no warning just out of the blue it does this. Any suggestions ? Going to run that getinfo file in a bit.
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