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  1. Does anyone have a link to KSC 10 in English language? I can only find Chinese, Spanish and Italian language.
  2. We are running Kaspersky Security 5.5 for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 version 5.5.1388 on our Exchange server. There are the odd Emails that are being marked as Spam when they are genuine Emails, is there any way to add these to a safe list as I am having to manually trawl through the backup storage folder and send the message to the recipient. Thanks SP
  3. The tasks can be stopped on the server in services or killed using task manager. If these hang or fail to stop you can use tools like process explorer or PSkill (I believe these are both free)
  4. I had the same problem With the Admin console saying host out of control and that the network agent and anti virus were inactive. I tried several ways to fix this and here is what worked for me:- 1) I uninstalled the network agent and anti virus locally using add remove programs, then installed them locally using \\anti-virus-server\anti-virus-share\packages... 2) I then went to the Kaspersky administration console then right-clicked the "Administration server localhost" and did find computer. I then searched for the computer name and removed the reference, then I searched on IP address and found 2 more references (servername-1 and servername-3) and deleted these. 3) I then selected add computer in the correct group, did a search to see if there were any other references and there wasn't. I think step one was probably un nessesscary and step 2 would probably have resolved the problem. SP
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