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  1. Hi, Today i purchase a new antivirus, KIS 2013 and download the latest version (2014). But i can't install it into my Windows 8.1 (RTM). The application is not ready at this moment for 8.1? Regards.
  2. Thanks. But Kaspersky do not have any type of restore for this actions?
  3. Hello. First, sorry for my english I install KIS2009 and run the Security Analyzer, but he disable the autorun ... But i need to restore this function ... What can i do to restore the function that Kaspersky disable? Thanks:P
  4. Hello. I have a problem. I have KIS07 (latest version) and when i make a test of security (firewall) the result is bad ... i go to www.harckerwatch.org/probe and the site make tests .. the result ... inform that i have open ports and visible ... but the problem is that the result is the same if i use the most hight level of protection ... in conclusion ... in low or high security the result is the same. What is the problem? Thanks (sorry by bad english)
  5. Hello! I need help. I need to create a bootable emergency boot disc with my KIS7 but i don't find any option on the interfece of the program that allow this option (in version 6 it is visible). Someone can help me? off. sorry for the english! Thanks.
  6. Ok. Thanks for your help. I have more one question. If i use the key creator .... in future .. for activate the kaspersky ... i can use the activation code (for the internet activation)) or i only can use the created key file? Or Can i use the 2? Thanks.
  7. "Don Pelotas", tanks for your help ... i am really surprised with this product an forum ... and i can see that you are an expert in this software ... I stay preocupated because the last software (Norton) that i use give many problems with the activation ... the key was blocked because i install the software many times on the same pc ... and to resolve the problem is very complicated ... you understand me? For example, if i install the key to the Kaspersky servers 2 times a month ... is worrying? If it is not asking too much what is the process to convert to the key file? If is really important ... I trust in you ... Compliments*
  8. Okay! Thanks for your help. But, in this case is possible transform the key that i buy to a key file, to evitate the constant activation of product? Or it's impossible because i buy a product from a retail store? Thanks.
  9. Hello! Sorry for my english but don"t talk better... My question is simple: - I buy a key (from a retail box) for 1 computer. If i buy a new computer, i can install the program in the new pc? What is the process. I can unistall from another pc or i need to buy another key? - Are a limit of activations on the same pc? I format PC many times ... are some problem if i activate the program many times? Thanks!
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