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  1. Hi! I recently updated all my computer from varios version of network agent to v. 8.0.2048 with the new Administration Kit and many of computers are now in critical status because they report that No Kaspersky Anti-Virus installed on then computer. Restarted sometimes the agent, but didnt help. When i start the remote troubleshooting utility, it seems the anti-virus working but on the it is not visible. Reinstalling the Anti-Virus solved the problem, but i dont want to reinstall all 200 computer. Any idea?
  2. Hi, im here again and now i have same problem. I made a new ghost image, exactly followed the image creating article. But after restoring image, i got always same key in the registry, and even if i run klmover.exe -dupfix, (the key changed to different), after restart i see the original key again. I tried uninstall netagent, and deleting registry key, restart, reinstall netagent: now looks good. But this is a horror...
  3. Maybe better to disable startup scan. We have Novell clients 4.91 SP2, but startup isnt noticeable slower than before. Only the old windows 2000 SP4 and less than 800MHz processors computers unusable with KAV for us.
  4. apoint1 apoint2 google ur friend
  5. hi im already wanted something like this, but i didnt found any good settings. In the policies on the Predefinied Task we can turn on/off but not too good this options (startup scan is the part of the predefined on-demand scan i think). Now everytime i install a new workstation, i configure with hand to update time 2 days (instead of 3 hours), disable startupscan, and disable scancomputer weekly (we have a different scan setting for weekly scan). Its just some click, but could be better with a right global policy.
  6. I read the Faq I remembered that last week i unchecked in the Download Updates task the Download Updates for Kaspersky Anti-Hacker option. (I dont thought its necessary) So now i rechecked, downloaded updates, started update tasks twice every workstation (one wasnt enough), and now it looks good.
  7. Today when i came to the office i found many workstation with this error problem. I search in this forum, and there was here one times: Ok, i copied the requested file to the right place to a workstation, and after its ok, but there are many wrong workstation now, and after reboot the problem comes again. Why is this, whats the real problem?
  8. Ok, but if i want to change update folder to another one, i can place it only in local folder. And I dont want to change, because i need it to be in local too. Here is our company structure: I made one slave server but i dont like it (i thought its unnecessary and complicated), and i have no possibility to put every place a server, thats why i wanted to use local FTP servers. [OFFTopic] Another thing that found yesterday: What the hell is this in the policy settings? Its ok if it is a stand-alone pc, but if i check in and lock down this policy setting, than all pc under this group will disappear. Cant ping, cant syncronise so I cant resyncronise with unchecked status. I had to uninstall+reinstall KAV+agent every workstation. [/OFFTopic] sry for my english... De ha mindketten magyarok vagyunk, talán egyszerűbb úgy megbeszélni
  9. Thx for the answer, if i think right, u say i have to share my ftp folder and mapping as a drive to the Admin server. Not the simpliest way, and I have no access to share the ftp folder, only r/w on ftp connection. :/
  10. I dont want to open a new topic. Can i deploy updates to a FTP server? The Workstations can updating from ftp source, but i cant automatically upload the updates to ftp with admin server, only local folder, am i right?
  11. I read some FAQ, try everywhere, but i cant find out how can i change predefined task, like : Downloading updates scheduled 3 hours by default, and i want to change 2 days. In the policy settings i find just enable/disable launching tasks. Its boring to do this after install on every workstation one-by-one and not this is the only task what i want to change. Another 2 tasks are Scan My Computer, and Scan at Kaspersky Anti-Virus startup, which i want to disable. I defined one other computer scan global task, but i dont know it'll running, if i disable On-demand Scan task in the Predefined tasks.
  12. Yes, you're right. There is no upgrade patch from 5.0.528 ?
  13. Same problem, but i ignore it I think because its created when installing AdminKit, it cant remove.
  14. Thanks for the help. That was the problem.
  15. As i see, the other machines works well, only the new have this problem. Sometimes when i push the refresh button, it really shows name-1 in the unassigned section, but then its disappers. And i know there is no duplicate name on lan.
  16. Hi all, i have a myterious problem: I have some new cloned machine. When i installed NetAgent and KAV for Workstation (i put it from admin console), after reboot the machines disapeared from selected group and i found them in the unassigned computer's group without any installed KAV software... (The software was on the clients, but it doesn't visible on Application tab@Admin console) I dont know whats the problem, it was before i upgrade adminkitt, and KAV for wks, and even after that. I dont even know, it is the operating system problem, or KAV. (sorry for my bad english..)
  17. Maybe look here at the server properties settings, i think the "Your computer has not been scanned for a very long time" condition too low for you.
  18. Its all ok, but as i read the wsus use wmsde. It is similar to msde but without limitations for database size or connections. So whats the obstacle to use 4 kav too?
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