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  1. I just looked at how complicated the migration from XP to Win 7 or Win 8 is, and I would rather not be bothered. I feel pretty safe running XP now since Kaspersky AV is doing a great job protecting me from Virus. Microsoft makes it seem like after April, anyone still running XP is vulnerable. Call me skeptical, but I trust the opinion of Kaspersky and it's users more than I trust Microsoft. Should I bite the bullet and upgrade, (six computers) or am I safe with XP and no Microsoft support? Thanks for your input and advice. Clueless Joe
  2. Thanks to both of you for your help! I will uninstall KAV from the old machine, although I have no plans to use it anymore anyway.
  3. It is frustrating to have to search so much for an answer that should be obvious. A new computer is on the way to us. I bought a 3 user license that still has ~130 days remaining on all three machines. (KAV I just need to know what is involved in moving the AV from the old to the new machine. I do not have or want KAV on CD ROM. I downloaded it and purchased it through the Kaspersky web site. Please don't respond that this question has been answered before. I am sure it has been many times. Why is it not easy to find in FAQ's or any how to guide? http://forum.kaspersky.com/style_emoticons/default/dash1.gif
  4. Several questions as I try to create a rescue disk: 1. During the build in Barts PE, one warning was generated: "Building from OEM version of Windows can mean trouble...." Nothing more than that? 2. Barts PE never asked me for my Windows XP SP2 CD. It found the files on the HD. 3. Now that the build has been created, both Barts and KAV ask me to specify the location of the files to burn to CD? Doesn't it know since it just made them? 4. Does Kaspersky support Bart financially? Thanks, Joe
  5. I have KAV running on machine A. machine B has McAfee for now. (KAV soon) Both machines use a common keyboard and mouse through Synergy Desktop Sharing. Machine B is the server for Synergy, Machine A is the client. The mouse works fine on A&B but it will not touch any portion of KAV. I can not click in a dialog box, or move within anything in KAV. The cursor stops at one border, then jumps across to the other side. KAV is not letting it in. Is this intentional? Is there a change to settings that will allow it to work? No other program excludes the mouse. Thanks for your help. CJ
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