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  1. Thanks Don, I did in fact reboot to set the module patch but it still errored out. I had to re-update the virus def's then the Real Time Protection started working again. I did also run a chkdsk /r to check file system issues. I also updated to SP2 even though I dont care for the firewall security center. System seems to be functioning properly now. I will run a full scan again and see if it crashes this time. Virus's? I had a.exe, IBM00001.dll and its associated versions, some virus in my .pst archive, some "Not a Virus" associated with password protected zip files and a few others I don't recall.
  2. I updated the module as suggested. I could not wait for an hour into the scan to see what file it stops on. The crash is a system failure and will reboot or bluescreen depending on if I un-tick the setting under XP's Startup and recovery. I had to physically remove my drive and mount it as slave in another computer in order to run the scan. Scan cought 11 viruses. Actually as I write this Kaspersky deploys a message stating "Real Time Protection Failure" after the module update. Perhaps there is an anti-Kaspersky virus? Even given Kasperskys catch-all reputation I might have to go back to sluggish Norton since it never allowed viruses into my system like this. There were 11. So what is the difference between KAV Personal and KAV For Windows Workstations? When I purchased 2 licences of Personal 5 from one of Kasperskys USA vendors. They sent me a key for the Workstation version. Is Workstation a subpar version of Personal?
  3. :angry: I had an older version and now running v 5.0.225. First of all i'm not sure why the vendor gave me the Workstation version when I ordered but thats another thread. My issue is that KAVW crashes (reboots) in the middle of a scan every time I do a full Scan my Computer. I did this on my last XP install, it crashed and I ended up frying a motherboard. (not that its Kaspersky's fault). Seems as though if KAVW has a lot to scan like over 20gb this happens. It does not occur on a fresh XP install. After discovering a few viruses, manually clearing some of them and rebooting. I noticed that Kaspersky simply would not scan at all, run Scan My Computer would end up completed after 1 second and 0 files scanned. Then I reinstalled a new version and the scan operates as normal but crashes (reboots) at around 50% or 1 hour of scanning a 80gb drive. I've tried chkdsk /r to correct any possible disk errors. Do you think a virus is causing this issue as a defense? Because I cannot correct the other viruses if the computer crashes in the middle of a scan. Thanks
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