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  1. Do the /pPRIVACYPOLICY=1 and /pKSN=1 switches of the installer be used for this purpose?
  2. Good day! It is difficult to describe what does not exist. I have the task to install KES for different software deployment options. The server roles for which KES is intended can be any - Terminal server, File server or Application server. Ways to deploy KES can also be different, but unattended. Any deployment variant should not show the Initial Configuration Wizard window. It does not matter in what way this will be achieved - a disable on running avp.exe or importing a registry settings that will allow you not to run the Initial Configuration Wizard. /silent must be *SILENT*
  3. We use different scripts to automatically install software — autounattended.xml, ANSIBLE PlayBook, PowerShell scripts, and running avp.exe are not required in any of them. It is not known how the whole system will behave when the graphical window of the initial setup wizard appears, which appears after running avp.exe.
  4. I am using KES and Windows Server 2012 R2. The KES installation is performed by running from the file SetupComplete.cmd , as is necessary for the automatic installation of Windows. The startup method does not matter, because performing a silent installation on an already configured system also starts up the avp.exe after the installation is complete.
  5. How to prevent the launch avp.exe after performing a silent installation in windows unattended setup? I launch command: msiexec /passive /i kes_win.msi EULA=1 KSN=0 ALLOWREBOOT=0 PRIVACYPOLICY=1 or setup_kes.exe /s /pEULA=1 /pPRIVACYPOLICY=1 /pKSN=0 After the installation is completed, the processes of the avp.exe and avpsus.exe are started, how to prevent them from starting?
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