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  1. That's odd. The tickets I made in the past got all handled very well, don't have any complains about that part. It's just lame that it doesn't properly let you remove files from the quarantaine on default. Not sure if this is fixed now, I guess it is (I hope so). I made my ticket so let's wait and see what the outcome is. PS Invision Community CMS is lame a$$ ... I cannot see the bbcode or the quote, ips_editor is completly made noob proof now and thus messed up for me because I want to see the code, I don't want stupid buttons ... That's why I didn't do one single reply with double quote.. I am used to the old IPB 3.x..
  2. Alright I am making the ticket right now but I noticed that the GSI program GetSystemInfo takes forever to generate a rapport.. Before it used to be done in like what, under 2 minutes. It's running now for almost 10 minutes (9 mins and 33 secs to be exact).... Anyways, I hope they fix the bug or problem. Thanks.
  3. Forgot to mention (can't edit anymore). OS is: Windows 10 Pro x64 latest version. KIS: Third time here? Yes, I made a new account because I could not remember my old account.
  4. Hi there, Again here for the third time. There's a bug in Kaspersky Internet Security 2018 paid version (again). I was not able on this computer to visit google, gmail facebook etc.. Chrome and FireFox gave error : ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE So after trying a lot with a headache after work I gave up. The next day the problem became even bigger so I started to google again and found this; Check "Do not scan Encrypted connections" option in Additional > Network. Now the SSL error is gone and all websites work again, at the cost of the security we paid for (lose 1 layer of protection) This is the last year I will pay for Kaspersky and advice any Anti-virus solution to any of my customers. Last time Kaspersky deleted a mail archive(IMAP) file of Thunderbird because of a adware attachment, also in the paid version there was NO OPTION to restore the file until we contacted support, then suddenly the option te restore files was unlocked, so it was hidden before. I feel like I am better off using another security suite when the license is ended. Thank you.
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