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  1. I asked for the patch but they asked me to install the Core1 first. As soon as Core9 is available I will give that a try as well. Would also be nice to get that integrated in the initial setup.
  2. OK, found that out and the load dropped basically everywhere. Would have been nice to receive this update also via automatic module updates though
  3. I installed https://support.kaspersky.com/14306 on some of the affected machines and it seems to help, load drops significantly after installation. So how could I deploy that patch by KSC and ensure that it´s installed anywhere...? Basically that should happen automatically through the module update task or am I wrong?
  4. Hi, I´ve submitted a CompanyAccount Request. I will inform about the results. Just wanted to know if others did this update without any issues...?
  5. Hi everyone, maybe I´m overlooking something obvious, but last week I updates around 50VMs (Server 2012 and 2016) from Version to and migrated the policy. Now from what I see I would say there is a massive increase of CPU usage, the whole infrastructure has a CPU load 30-40% higher than before. The installation doesn´t require the server to be rebooted, although that already helped to lower the CPU usage by around 5-10%. But still I´m not happy with the updated version consuming ~30% more CPU for doing exactly the same thing. Is that normal behaviour or am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to find out what module of KAV is consuming that much resources? Thanks in advance, Regards, MKT
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