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  1. hi there no the link should have been to a notepad file lol wehn i click on it it shows me a download option for a notepad file so i have no idea why it sends you to a download for steam lol, yeah steam voice and steam are the same app its the voice chat functionality of the app that im specifically having problems with, will try those settings out when i can, will reply again when i have given em a try thanks for the speedy reply
  2. i was wondering if anyone was aware of a fix for the conflicts with kaspersky and the steam voice chat to explain a little bit there has been a fairly recent update with steam wich has changed the way steam'sinbuilt voice chat works, the new chat uses some form of webrtc chat unfortunatly a large group of users have been having problems with this chat some of it isnt related to kaspersky but for some users (including me) disabling kaspersky total security seems to make the steam voice chat work again. this helps to diagnose the prroblem as some type of conflict with kaspersky but unless i leave my computer unsecure i am not able to use the steam voice chat, i have tried making an exclusion for the entire valve subgroup, for the steam.exe itself and stopping kaspersky scanning encrypted connections but to no avail to give you an idea of what the problem may be i shall attach parts of the chat log from steams software trying to connect whilst kaspersky is running, steam log edited.txt
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