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  1. Thanks for the suggestion Berny, followed your instructions. It worked from where the project is located. When I try to deploy the application, the files are located in another folder, which I have added to the exclusions, it deletes the 'exe'? I have tried on numerous occasions to add the folders to the 'Threats and Exclusions' without disabling 'Interactive Protection' and it has never worked. I use the application on several other PC's so I have to be able to deploy it to them.
  2. I'm still on the merry go round! I have uploaded my exe to a site that checks it against various AV producers including Kaspersky, other than one site, including Kaspersky shows it as being safe. Is there anyway of escalating this? I'm getting sick to death!!!
  3. I have the same problem with a stand alone application using VB.Net Winforms Application, it does not use a browser. I have spent 'years' developing my application, about 6 weeks ago Kaspersky detected it as malware. I reported it to Tech Support, I have had to send copies of the application to them, along with various traces and reports. They carry out checks then tell me it's a false detection and they have updated their database to rectify the problem. This only temporarily fixes the problem, as soon as I change any code or redesign any of the forms it detects it again and the process starts again. This has become totally frustrating!!!!
  4. I use VB.Net with Visual Studio 2017 to build my own applications. I have been developing an application for at least 8 years. Never had any problems until about 6 weeks ago when Kaspersky started deleting my 'exe' file stating it was malware. Since then almost weekly I have had to send my file to KS, send Traces etc; to no avail. They claim to fix it and hours later it starts deleting my file. They say it's a False-Positive. I have noticed that when I change the code it starts deleting my file. Has anyone else experienced this problem. It is driving me up the wall!!!
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