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  1. I posted the same on the Brave browser forum, and someone responded that Kaspersky has been slow to process their whitelisting request, and that this is a false positive indeed. To the individual who suggested to install a browser with "better reputation", Brave is developed by the founder of Mozilla. Maybe Kaspersky needs to be responsive on this one.
  2. I just installed Brave browser (got the installer exe from their website). In order to do this, I had to turn off KAV because it flags it as malware. Once I turn KAV back on, it removes Brave and rolls back the install, calling it malware. Can you please help? 99% certain it's not malware
  3. Thank you for responding. I don't understand your explanation beyond the first sentence. But that will do.
  4. I've been running this bitcoin cash full node wallet on a computer protected by KAV for months, and just today, the .exe for the wallet software (downloaded from the official site, and signatures verified) was flagged as malware by Kaspersky. The only option I have is to "disinfect" the computer, so deleting the executable. I have two issues with KAV, that I hope will be fixed otherwise I'll have to stop using it and ask for a refund to my 3 year subscription.: 1- There should be an option to create an exception in the pop up window, rather that have to reinstall the file after waiting for kaspersky to "disinfect" 2- The attempts I make to create an exclusion to this executable, by going into the settings, manifestly are not respected by the software. I created an exclusion after reinstalling the executable, and minutes later, kaspersky flags it as malware AGAIN... and I have to start the whole process again. This program isn't even running, mind you. It's just sitting in my drive. 15.07.2018 07.22.00 Detected object (file) not processed D:\BitcoinCash\bitcoin-qt.exe File: D:\BitcoinCash\bitcoin-qt.exe Object name: Trojan.MSIL.Cryptos.ddoi Object type: Trojan program Time: 7/15/2018 7:22 AM I realize that sometimes some software gets wrongly flagged, but Kaspersky clearly isn't working well when it comes to managing exclusions, as it doesn't matter whether I make them. This isn't the first instance of me having this issue. I had a similar issue with another program, and I couldn't get Kaspersky to respect the exception. I ended up having to stop Kaspersky while I was using this program ( I needed it for a project). This current issue is with The Bitcoin Cash full node wallet, latest version, found here: https://www.bitcoinunlimited.info/downloads/BUcash- On the same download page, there are signature files for the program, which checked out for me... I have posted a notice on the Reddit forum for Bitcoin Cash, but it is Kaspersky's responsibility to make sure adding exceptions works. I'll be contacting support for a resolution, or a refund, if I can't figure out why exclusions are not working.... I added the folder to exclusions, and also specified the app as a Trusted Application. None of it seems to work.
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