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  1. please do not be fooled by the MY DEVICES list in mykaspersky! this DOES NOT list all the devices you have entered a specific licence for. it only lists computers you have registered with kaspersky, while you are using those computers. if like me you have many licences and give out many of these codes to friends or family, none of these computers will appear on the MY DEVICES list on your account. Do not be fooled by ignorant comments telling you to look here. As support confirmed to me, there is NO WAY to know how many licences you have in use, until you get the message telling you that you have exceeded your quota, and then they all fail.
  2. It has taken me a lot of time to search for the answer to a simple question. I share this in hopes of helping others with the same problem. I have some 30 KIS licenses which I use for friends and clients. If you do this YOU MUST WRITE DOWN EACH ONE. There is absolutely no possible way of finding out which licenses are in use with which clients. This is confirmed by K support. Only the computers registered with mykaspersky will show up there, but not the computers you have given codes too. This means the only way you will find out that you have used up your license quota is when you get a message on screen saying that too many computers are using a specific license. And this means your clients will lose their activation! Why on earth K cannot tell ME how many of my licenses are activated, when they clearly know this, is a mystery. I hope this helps in your management if you have multiple licenses.
  3. I bought ten licenses. Nowhere can I find a list of how many activations are IN USE. How can I find out how many I have free to use? This information should be readily available, it seems. Maybe I am just too dumb to find it.
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