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  1. Our SIEM reports that the process creating this scripts is AVP.exe which belongs to Kaspersky Endpoint Security.
  2. Kaspersky Endpoint Security Version: AES256
  3. Hey guys, I noticed on some of our WIN10 machines there are some PS1 scripts being created by Kaspersky Endpoint Security process (avp.exe). An example file name is like this: C:\Windows\Temp\ioc4B86B2ED-D668-9242-8084-1CB953288AEE.ps1 Is this normal behaviour? Or is it something alarming? What does it mean actually? Thanks.
  4. Before you update, I would warn you that several users have issues with the new GDPR version of Kaspersky's products - by this I mean, you might get quite often BSODs when you upgrade. I also rolled back to 2018 version and now it is fine.
  5. I have contacted tech support. Unfortunately GSI doesnt work on my computer, it has run for 1h and 30minutes now, but progress bar hasn't moved an inch, I am attaching the screenshot. As partial resolution I rolled back to AV 2018, for now it works OK. I will probably wait for stable release of 2019 but I do highly recommend Kasperksy Team to notify any current / future customers about instability of 2019 build, as this may be off-putting and perhaps some customer will decide to leave your service just due that (imagine paying money now and getting new product, which crashes your computer).
  6. 1.) Have you determined for sure that it is related to Kaspersky? 2.) Or you are asking for help in general, with this issue? If 1.) try quitting kaspersky and check whether that resolves your issue. This will quickly eliminate suspicion whether Kaspersky SW is causing it. If 2.) then I suggest trying HINTS from this site, as it seems that your issue is known: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/help-windows-keep-opening-automatically
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. I will test it one more time with v19, if it crashes when I launch the game (I installed it now by completely uninstalling previous version) - if it does, I will roll back according to your example.
  8. Ah, sorry then for double post, I havent used the Search option - I admit. So still no response - I assume the Dev is working hard on new patch for it and then they'll respond. But the mistake they do currently is, that they do not STOP the people who have not yet updated to 19, so they avoid this issues. How can I roll back to v18 if I may ask you?
  9. Hey guys, This morning I woke up and started my computer and received notification from Kaspersky that I should update my client due to the new GDPR changes occuring in the EU. So I was transfered to Kaspersky webpage where I selected to download the new package. The installation went smooth. However, I found a repeatable case, where my computer crashes with Blue Screen. ERROR MESSAGE: DRIVER IRQL_LESS_OR_NOT_EQUAL FILE IN ERROR: klwtp.sys This information pointed me to Kaspersky and most suggestions were to update it. However, my client is already in latest build since I just installed the new version due to the GDPR changes. I am thinking of uninstalling the client and then downloading it again, but still wanted to open a Thread here, because this seems to be related to the latest kaspersky package and more people could be involved. My repeat case is currently when I launch a game and after a minute or two of playing, I get BSOD. On next start up Kaspersky notifies me that it failed to launch previously. I will edit this post once GetSystemInfo finished its job and provide the link here. Hope anyone can assist me with this case. Best, D
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