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  1. So I posted earlier about Google Chrome wanting to access the webcam, , where I since set the webcam access manually in Kaspersky to 'Restricted'. However I have narrowed the pattern of attempted calls to access my webcam down and it is a little disturbing. Google Chrome attempts to use the webcam when I 1) Sign into Google Mail 2) Access Linkedin.com also 3) Where Device Census attempts to use the webcam. In light of a plethora of global events regarding privacy concerns, what is the reason for all this? Who is behind it? Why would someone need to capture my face whilst browsing these personal sites - identity theft is a risk these days. Is this all normal or perhaps is there something more at work, eg someone hacking here? Can anyone give me an insight? Much appreciated.
  2. Thank you @The Shield. What do I need to do? It was a couple of news sites I believe! Edit: Malwarebytes Premium said nothing detected when issue happened and also after manual scan
  3. after opening a few new tabs I received this from Kaspersky. Anyone know why this happens and if this is a concern? I made the webcam set now to Restricted mode in Kaspersky since then. Edit: Nothing from Kaspersky Quick Scan
  4. Hi, I was browsing the other day when I clicked on a few links and got redirected to the site brightvar.bid (looks like a middleman site). This happened about three times on three separate occasions clicking links. Google searches of the site say it is a very new site and malicious. However, I got no threat detection after scans with KIS and Malwarebytes Premium. Have I been infected by anything? Thank you.
  5. Hi richbuff, so I followed your advice as below, updated, rebooted then ran a Complete Scan. Kaspersky still is yellow - Protection may be at risk. For the msmpeng.exe, should I click Add to Exclusions or Ignore.? The Resolve button does not seem to work still. Thanks !
  6. Thanks richbuff ! I have uploaded the Msmpeng.exe to the VirusDesk, results are: File MsMpEng.exe is safe. The file is safe to keep, use and send. However, Kaspersky is still displayed as yellow on the home screen - Protection may be at risk. When it says, under Protection - msmpeng.exe is a 'Legitimate program that can be used by criminals to damage your computer...' there is a Resolve button, but clicking the Resolve button does not do anything. Should I click the dropdown menu and select Add to exclusions or Ignore in there? Also, an access to my webcam was just blocked again ! Any explanation for this ? I had restricted all webcam access on Kaspersky - Webcam Protection. Do you know why these attempts are happening ? Thanks once again !
  7. Hi richbuff, I've uploaded my AVZ log files at the bottom of this post. Please find my GSI log here - https://www.getsysteminfo.com/report/6e3b4e46e0eae198d4c12907ccea2173 Please note Kaspersky just now blocked an attempt to activate my webcam as I was running the scans. Thanks so much! KL_syscure.htm avz_sysinfo.htm
  8. Hi all, was wondering if you could help me! When I was paying online on a site, Kaspersky Total Security opened the prompt window to use Safe Money or not. So I clicked yes. Then BOOM a blue screen, the error message I cannot remember but it said there was something related to klhk.sys. Then I tried logging in again. The computer booted up but I was brought to a default background screen, there was also the notification from Windows supposedly, 'We cannot connect to your (Microsoft???) account'. I restarted again.... On the 2nd restart I was greeted with a warning, that firewall was turned off and there was no firewall. I opened Kaspersky immediately and Kaspersky gave the following message, 'Malware detected on your computer.' The Protection Center is yellow, says Protection may be at risk. After clicking details, it tells me that msmpeng.exe is a Legitimate program that can be used by criminals to damage your computer or personal data. It gives me the option to 'Resolve'. I have not clicked it yet. The Kaspersky report on this incident: 07.05.2018 22.26.17;Malware detected;PDM:Trojan.Win32.Generic;Antimalware Service Executable;c:\programdata\microsoft\windows defender\platform\4.12.17007.18022-0\msmpeng.exe;05/07/2018 22:26:17 Then, later, a message that the malware was terminated. 07.05.2018 22.26.17;Malware terminated;PDM:Trojan.Win32.Generic;Antimalware Service Executable;C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Platform\4.12.17007.18022-0\MsMpEng.exe;05/07/2018 22:26:17 Then suddenly when browsing Kaspersky, the webcam flashes on and I get the Kaspersky notification 'Host Process for Windows Tasks is using the webcam'. It flashes off immediately. From the Kaspersky reports, 07.05.2018 22.48.25;Application is allowed to access webcam;Host Process for Windows Tasks;Host Process for Windows Tasks;C:\Windows\System32\taskhostw.exe;05/07/2018 22:48:25 Additionally, Kaspersky appeared to have rebooted itself and started describing its features as if it was freshly installed again. The history of Kaspersky in reports, files scanned is now gone and only tonight's history exists in the logs. Do I really have malware on my computer? Can someone tell me what is going on? P.S. I am running the latest version of Malwarebytes Premium. It just came up and told me no threats were detected. All Kaspersky protection components are up and running
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