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  1. Hi Rich - Kaspersky Total Security Problem using both Firefox and Internet Explorer as browsers. Latest updates for Windows 10. Thanks.
  2. I have tried to access this address for accessing my router but access is being blocked. The windows troubleshooting tool says it appears to be getting blocked by a firewall or security software. I can ping from the command line and it sees the address as my gateway. I can access the router using my phone and tablet. Can someone please tell me how to start solving this problem within Kaspersky Total Protection with all updates on a Windows 10 machine? Thanks!
  3. I have had the same issue and three other computers in my family that have Kaspersky are also experiencing the same issue. Everything is unchecked except for the top one. Like you, it seems to me that you need the top one checked in order to see when Kaspersky finds a problem. We all put a lot of faith in Kaspersky but this is just a bit slimy if we can't have important notifications without spam.
  4. Just to be more clear, we were not able to send OR receive emails with the AT&T U-verse email accounts. We kept getting errors saying Outlook could not connect to either the incoming or outgoing servers.
  5. My question is - how dangerous is it/what are the potential liabilities to not have Kaspersky Internet Security monitor ports 995 and 465, please? Background Summary: My sister has had a real issue being able to access ATT Uverse email accounts while spending time at a hospital. Her laptop works fine with ATT email while at her home where there was ATT Uverse internet service. After trying many potential solutions on her Windows 7 64 bit laptop (via instructing her over the phone) I started searching the archives here. One thread I found mentioned stopping port monitoring. Based on that thread, I went in Kaspersky Internet Security to Settings – Advanced – Network where “Monitor selected ports only” was already selected and then unchecked the two ports ATT email uses - 995 and 465. I had her exit out of the Kaspersky dialogs (not cancel out) and shutdown/restart Outlook. For whatever reason, Outlook started to send and receive emails just fine. I then had her shut down Outlook, go back into Kaspersky, reactivate monitoring on those two ports, exit out of the Kaspersky dialogs (not cancel out), restart Outlook and try sending and receiving mails. Oddly, the send and receive functions still continue to work in Outlook. If she has a problem again (such as after a full reboot of the computer or whatever), how dangerous is it to leave Kaspersky set to not monitor ports 995 and 465? Thanks in advance.
  6. I am glad it seemed to fix your problem but that entry is not found in the latest mvp host file so it is unlikely that is the root cause.
  7. For an additional data point, I am also experiencing the same problem with the MVP hosts file and KIS2013.
  8. Yes, I am experiencing the exact same problem as of today. The MVP hosts file has been a great tool for years. Please fix this Kaspersky! >>For the moment, I have added the HOSTS file to KIS's exclusion list, but I would prefer KIS to monitor the file as it always has before without issues.<< How do you do this, please? I have been trying to figure this out on my own before I ventured into the forums looking for help. Also, how much risk are you taking to go this route? Thanks!
  9. Otto - I am in the same situation with the renewal problem where I want to use a 2010 number to continue using KIS 7. Were you able to find a way to make it work? I submitted a case to Kaspersky support but would love to know if you found a workaround already. Thanks!
  10. Yeah, my problem started when I went from ver 7 to 2009. Going back to V 7 was my only solution.
  11. Wowser - what build/version number of KIS 2009 were you running when you had the problem? Just curious. It is such a pain to uninstall and reinstall between 7.x and 2009 (but you have to have some protection running that works to be able to use your computer) that I had to give up trying to troubleshoot this for Kaspersky. I am just curious if you were using the latest release number. It would save me the time of loading it back up to find out Thanks.
  12. FWIW, I have been unable to solve the issue to this point with 8.x. Last week, I went back to the last 7.x version and it has not BSOD once yet. My problem PC was also a Vista Home Premium laptop. My desktop PC with XP does not give me this error. You can still download the last version of 7.x from the Kaspersky site.
  13. Just to add, there aren't any minidump files. I think when it BSODs, it crashes things before the dump files can be created. Also, I have run all sorts of RAM diagnostics and hard drive diagnostics too make sure it isn't a hardware issue.
  14. I am dealing with this same issue but nothing suggested here is solving the issue. If anyone has additional suggestion, I would love to hear them. Thanks!
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