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  1. I have had the Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway set up and operation for quite a while now. I am now having issues with the 'backup' or quarantine. I have gone into the backup settings and set Allow delivery of infected messages to Yes, and I can 'see' all the emails in backup when logged into the web with admin account, but when a user (LDAP set up and working) logs on, they are not seeing ANY emails in backup. I have gone through and checked and re-checked every setting I can via the web console to no avail. I updated to latest version today ( and rebooted a few times. Anyone have ANY ideas?
  2. Give me a little bit.. I will try to get exact steps and pics by tomorrow...
  3. I had the same issue. What I did: In KSMG web console, make sure all the domains you have are listed in the Domains section, also make sure the domains have the destination address listed, which should be your mail server. Under Settings section, under MTA make sure your networks are listed in the Trusted Networks section (or the device IPs that are send mail), and under the Email Destination Address, it should be empty/not defined, but yo have to have the MX Record Lookup ENABLED there. In the Message Queue section, make sure both Sending Messages and Receiving Messages are enabled. IE and Edge did NOT show the buttons, Chrome does. Then you should be able to point your mail server to the KSMG and send through it.
  4. I have read over the documentation, searched the web, and I cannot find a definitive answer. I have a client running Kaspersky SMG, and an Exchange 2013 server for mail. The SMG is handling incoming mails no problem so far (they are for sure hitting SMG first, then Exchange is not filtered). My question/issue is, does the SMG act as a smarthost to filter/scan OUTBOUND emails from the Exchange server? I am not finding anything about setting up to handle local email heading OUTBOUND. My thought was that I should be able to add a send connector to my Exchange server, and use Kaspersky SMG as the smart host. Does SMG not do that??
  5. As the title states, I am wondering which to use in an Exchange email server environment, and why use one over the other. I do see in a few posts in the forums that others are using the SMG in an exchange environment, so I know it is being done. I would almost rather use the SMG rather than Kaspersky for Exchange, but would rather hear fro experience/Kaspersky folks as to recomendations/ best practices
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