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  1. Today curiously there have a problem with Google IPv6 on our Carrier, but I did the test with Facebook. I attach .doc with the test: - Without Antivirus i get icmp response from IPv6 on www.Facebook.com - With KES 11 (active or disabled ) the icmp fail because the icmp request include a Next Header added with the famously Hop-by-Hop Option that routers don´t likes to forward. kaspersky11-icmpv6.docx
  2. This is the capture of whireshark "pinging" to google IPV6. That is the aditional header options "Hop-by-Hop" added for the Kasperksy KES11 (like KES10 withouth patch 3020). When the router intent to forward to Internet it drop the packet.
  3. I can`t upload files for more of 4MB and the GSI its up 5,4MBs. Can I open a case in the Kaspersky CompanyAccount for this release candidate KES 11?
  4. HI, yes!, I can ping to link-local. The Hop by Hop options header include information for the routers, if the packet is process by the router it discart it by that information. Thats is because i can ping to link-local, that ping don´t go to diferent network.
  5. HI! Yesterday i get the patch 3020 for the same issue witch ICMP ipv6 for windows 10. Thanks for the indications. I wondering if will be fixed in KES 11... Its very dificult to do diagnostics without ICMP...
  6. Hello, we need to implement IPv6 in our Company. Actually we have a issue with the ICMP protocol IPv6, we haven`t ping response from internet host in IPv6. In the forum we saw that we have to request private patch 1920 for that particular case for Windows 8 and 8.1 and the patch 3020 for Windows 10. Thats patchs resolve this problems of ping but.. ¿what happen with KES 11 and Windows 10?. I tried to uninstall KES 11 and I have ping to www.facebook.com [2a03:2880:f104:83:face:b00c:0:25de] but When I install KES 11 RC AES256 the ping fail. Will Kasperksy include the patch for alow ICMP IPv6 in the new version KES 11?.
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