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  1. Are my settings i have print screened below alright.
  2. Hi ksnafu, Thanks for the help - i went & unchecked windows Cert. store, AND CHECKED Moz. Cert. Store. Have i done the right thing?? :)
  3. Thanks for the replies. I was checking to see if KTS was scanning TBird emails. Seems OK I really am not sure which version i have (KTS). I just renewed my license last week, so i gather it is 2019. Mefodys you mentioned - p.s. In the current KTS 2019 there is an option for FF/TB to use certificates storage of the OS. Not sure how to see/access that option.
  4. In Thunderbird/tools/options/advanced/certificates/manage certificates/kaspersky Anti Virus Personal Root Certificate/edit trust/ Under edit trust - "this certificate can identify websites" -- this was checked. under edit trust - "this certificate can identify mail users" -- this was unchecked, so i checked it. Is this alright?
  5. thanks for the answer. Yes - i will report any warnings. appreciated - all input on this post. :)
  6. MBAM is gone!! don't need the hassle. As to W. Firewall saying it is on - please again see sc.Shot - says KTS is managing things. W. Firewall says it is off. This discussion does not seem to be progressing. I personally think (and i am no where near being an expert) that W-10 Firewall ON seems to be a Windows made necessity. Went and checked other chats - WR says W-10 works with it's firewall, but it would seem the others say no. So i will continue on. However, i believe it is your job to research the whole W-10 firewall status(s) and their compatibility with KTS Firewall. I have received MUCH help from this forum & i thank you. Keep up the good work. if any answer to my issue comes up, i will listen. For now, i am not going to remove W-FWall via msconfig until i am confident that is the route.
  7. Concerning the screen shot on start of this topic above: Went to my wife's PC. She uses W.7. It also has the items on Screen shot. - However, with W7, in C. Panel/Actioncentre/Security - under "view installed firewall programs" - it has her security provider's Firewall ON, with W.Firewall as OFF. So on my wif's W.7, it seems that although - C.Panel/W.DefenderFirewall/advancedsettings/W.DefenderFirewallProperties.... says W. firewall is on - like i said - under action center/security - it says it is off. HMMMM? Good old W.-10 seems to keep things vague. Hope this helps as you investigate. Again - thank you.
  8. Thank you. what about the questions, as pasted below, taken from start of topic. Q. - Does this mean i have 2 firewalls running? Q. - I can turn them off under the dropdown box beside firewall state. Should I? another Q. - sorry - displaying my PC savvy - how do i go about your answer, Berney. - (MSCONFIG).....
  9. Enclosed a screenShot. The path to it was C.Panel/W.DefenderFirewall/advancedsettings/W.DefenderFirewallProperties.... You will notice in deep yellow hilite - "settings managed by vendor application KTL" . On the smaller R.Screen - Domain Profile, Private profilr, Public Profile are all ON (recommended) under FIREWALL STATE. Does this mean i have 2 firewalls running? I can turn them off under the dropdown box beside firewall state. Should I? KTL is my Firewall choice. Thanks.
  10. RE - MBAM sign at hyper scan completion: "you scan is complete. no threats detected." On the dashboard, it said "you are at risk" -//-- i am gathering this at risk comment has to do with my real time protection disabled.
  11. also - my apologies - the shield had previously given me good advice - RE - MBAM & KTL. So all is good. Thanks, Indio, for your patience in the Question.
  12. also - my apologies - the shield had previously given me good advice - RE - MBAM & KTL. So all is good. Thanks, Indio, for your patience in the Question.
  13. MBAM hyper scan was - 7 seconds. / 2,849 files scanned. ' 0 Threats.
  14. Not sure about Firewall. Under Firewall, It shows KTL Firewall as on --- followed by notice of W. Firewall as off with notification i am at risk? Do i have to have W. Firewall on? or is KTL Firewall doing the job. Sorry for my question - probably a simple answer. :)
  15. I have MBW Premium installed with KTL 2019. Below is a screen shot - am i OK with settings listed on ScreenShot? Thanks.
  16. i just upgraded new pc to KTL. i had 11 days remaining on previous 2018 license. i now have a 366 license - KTL-2019. Fell i lost 11 days. However, overall i am pleased to have KTL installed. So i can live with it. just sent in an opinion as requested. :)
  17. Thank you - that is a good answer. Should i deactivate KTL when downloading malwarebytes paid updates?
  18. I have Kaspersky Total security 2018. Current version - (d). I have 55 days remaining on my license. Q.-1 - Can i presently upgrade to KTS 2019? Q.-2 - If i do, will i have to do an uninstall / install? Q.-3 - Will upgrading from 2018 to 2019 change my personalized settings back to default? Another Q.-4 - When i boot up PC, it takes 1-3 minutes to start starting. Start button flashes - then turns solid color - begins the start. Is this a setting i have in KTS? Thanks.
  19. yeah - think i got that - just as long as KTL is scanning email coming in. Guess i bottom line on that. thanks for help.
  20. Sorry - not that literate - what is meant by WEBMAIL inbox. Sorry if this Q. seems simplistic. :) i do not use gmail - my email comes into to me via local ISP in Thumderbird (on this PC) and on Outlook 2016 (on another PC) Thanks. jems
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