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  1. Hi, query now sorted, thanks for prompt replies
  2. hello I hope you can help Today, I was notified that my kaspersky total security 2017 was due to expire in 30 days time and was given the opportunity to download and pay for next years version which I did via paypal and got a receipt. I was given a key which I have kept a note of, and instructed to restart once download had finished. After the restart, I am still getting the notice that my current version will expire in 30 days time. How do I get rid of this, now that I have paid for a new subscription, manually. Thanks in advance for your help
  3. Hi I only have 51 days left on my kaspersky total security 2017 and I plan to purchase kaspersky total security 2018 but I am scared of the transition in case something goes wrong. Do I uninstall kaspersky total security2017 before installing kaspersky total security 2018 or do i just install kaspersky total security 2018 on top of kaspersky total security 2017. Also, what malware software is incompatible with kaspersky total security because I think I have got malware, I think this because even though i have adblock pulus which worked most of the time, Ive started getting ads, and also, chrome no longer loads properly, I get a white blank page, so i think I need to do a malware scan but dont know which software to use. sorry for all the questions.