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  1. Running the following command at the suggestion of Kaspersky business support fixed the issue: C:\Windows\Installer\{54B5AE91-463A-4142-8892-307BCF28343F}\setup.exe /m {54B5AE91-463A-4142-8892-307BCF28343F} This completely uninstalled KSC and there are no remnant files/folders/services that I can find. Thanks.
  2. I ran the UninstallString for all subitems of "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall" that were Kaspersky related. Rebooted. The following services are still running on the PC: Kaspersky Activation Proxy Kaspersky Lab Administration Server Kaspersky Lab Web Server Kaspersky Security Network proxy server I can disable these in services.msc, but is there a clean way to remove these?
  3. I successfully installed KCS 10 on Windows 2008 server. There is no entry in control panel, programs and features. I tried the "administration server removal tool" for KCS 8.0 (http://support.kaspersky.com/3457) but it does not seem to do anything. Running klsrvrcl.cmd returned "1" and klsrvrcl_hard.cmd returned "0" but neither seemed to do anything. I tried re-running the KCS install but it only offers to upgrade, not remove. How can I uninstall it?
  4. Is there documentation specifc for KAV 6.0 for Win Serv EE? I am interested in the return values from KavShell.exe. I've noticed that the command line options for KavShell.exe for KAV 6.0 for Win Serv EE are the same as KavShell.exe for KAV 5.0 for Win Serv, but not the same as AVP.COM for KAV 6.0 for Win Serv. I used GFI email security test to send myself the EICAR test attachment, and KavShell.exe returned '0', which is the same value it returns for clean file. AVP.COM for KAV 6.0 for Win Serv (NOT EE version) returns 101 or 102 for infected file. What are the return values for KavShell.exe for KAV 6.0 for Win Serv EE for infected file? I checked chapter 17 of the administrators guide, but it does not list any return codes for detections. Or does it not properly detect the EICAR test file? Can anyone please provide more information. Thanks!
  5. I was able to fix this by enabling the option "enable microsoft office outlook / the bat! plug-ins". I had this option disabled because I was using Outlook Express, not Outlook. Once I enabled this option the spam/notspam buttons were enabled.
  6. I have a great opinion of Kaspersky, but I do have the same problem as Adam describes, can I get some assistance? I am using KAV for workstations. I know this is the home users forum, but this thread describes my issue exactly and thought it would be better to reply here than to start a new thread in the small business forums. I have anti-spam enabled but in Outlook Express the spam/not spam options are grayed out when an email is selected. If I click configure it says that "spam filtration is disabled. To enable spam filtering or change settings click here". If I click "click here" the Kaspersky anti-spam settings window appears and "enable anti-spam" checkbox is checked. I have searched the FAQs but didn't find anything relevant. Thanks.
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