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  1. Kaspersky Endpoint 10 - iso file scan

    Got it fixed, thanks. Seems that this happened because I set the Security level to High. The program behavior is a bit different to the KAV / KIS that I am used to. Guess it take a while to know all the different options and config. Thanks again for the assistance
  2. Kaspersky Endpoint 10 - iso file scan

    KES 10 for Windows version AES256 I just downloaded it yesterday, so it should be the latest one. What I meant by "loading" is everything that you mentioned: - Trying to right click to select what I want done on it in Windows Explorer. - Trying to select the iso file to mount as a DVD drive in VM - Trying to unpack the iso file using WinRAR
  3. I just moved up to Endpoint Security after a few years of just using Internet Security. I am finding a quirk in the handling of iso files. Whenever I try to load an iso file, the process just stopped as if the application that I'm opening the iso file from has frozen. Upon pausing Kaspersky Endpoint protection, everything just resume as normal. I do not know the extent of how long it would remain frozen (or if Endpoint is still scanning the iso file) since there is not big jump of resource (CPU/RAM) utilization while the application is seemingly frozen.