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  1. I am getting VERY annoyed with this message from Secure Connection. No matter what I turn off, it still keeps coming up every 30 minutes! I even turned the damn program off in System Configuration and it's STILL happening! I had uninstalled Secure Connection some months ago because of a conflict it was having with Windows 10 Creators, but a recent update of Kaspersky reinstalled it and now I can't escape this blight on my computer! It's especially annoying when it comes up while I am watching a video/streaming with its infuriating notification chime and lingering on the screen for what feels like an eternity unless I push it away. What is the point of this!? It at least makes sense when it shows a number, but I don't want to see that I have 300 MB of secured traffic either! I am about to uninstall this program again for an entirely different reason if no one can tell me how to make Secure Connection shut the F up! I have Kaspersky Internet Security (m) and Secure Connection (h)
  2. A few times a year Kaspersky updates Firefox to the latest version without my permission while I have the browser's auto-update turned off. This REALLY pisses me off as the latest version is always crap that eliminates even more of my extensions. I generally go back to an older version, but every now and then, for some unknown reason, even when I install from the software saved on my computer, that version no longer allows all of the extensions it did right before the stupid update. THIS is one of those times! I do NOT want Kaspersky auto-updating ANY software.
  3. I think I figured it out. I caught it when it was downloading again and selected the never option from the drop-down menu. This is very inconvenient, however. Is there a way to preemptively black list or white list programs?
  4. About a week ago, Kaspersky informed me that Firefox had a new version. I upgraded it through Kaspersky, but after discovering many extensions do not work with the latest version, I went back to an older one. Kaspersky now keeps downloading the upgrade in the background without informing me until it's ready to install, so I have to keep going back and re-installing the old version, which is a PAIN IN THE BUTT. How do I stop this auto-updating?
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