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  1. After upgrading Kaspersky Internet Security from version 2017(18) to version 2018(19), it sets some applications as "Untrusted" and blocks their execution, some of which belong to well-known programs like gcc(mingw) or Cygwin, despite the top of their folder hierarchies having been added to "Exclusions", and despite having been manually set as "Trusted". After setting them as "Trusted" again, Kaspersky stops blocking them for a while (some minutes or some weeks) and then again sets some of them as "Untrusted" and blocks them again! Needless to say, it's very annoying to see code-formatting stops working for unknown reason, and to debug why the tool-chain makes no output. It wasn't what I expected from Kaspersky, at all (showing both great 'respect' and great 'complaint').
  2. Adding to my previous post that I solved it this way: Removing the exclusions. Closing Kaspersky (Of course after disabling the internet connection). Running Kaspersky again. Adding the exclusions. Success. The exclusions existed from before the new update, so I thought the problem may be that the new update does not get the old settings, so a common toggling off and on might be the solution, and thank God that it was. Hope that helps.
  3. I'm having the same sort of problem with exclusions. Kaspersky blocks programming stuff in excluded folders(batch files and newly-compiled programs). So the issue is not just related to Firewall or application control settings.
  4. Though the topic is pretty old, I came to a simple solution. This exact problem came to me on two different computers (just the update progress's percent that the hang would occur was different) and it was fixed on both of them by: Disabling the internet connection. Pressing the update button in Kaspersky to have it fail at it while trying in vain! Enabling the internet connection. Pressing the update button again.
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