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  1. I got a message on my desktop traces enabled which may affect your computer performance ?
  2. On going security certificate emailed support with instructions was told delete in firefox and import fake certificate unable to find file telephone support is there such a thing ??
  3. Can someone tell me how to fin my questions I have put on these forums ?.
  4. Where what your talking about ?? I have looked in safe money setting and I can't see it I have looked in all the categories and cannot see block screen shots ????????
  5. When I go to my internet banking the safe browser opens and i get this messge: Protection screenshot is Disabled with the options to hide or details ? I have looked in the settings to find how to enabled screenshot but can't see it ?.
  6. When I go to my internet banking and switch to safe browser I get a warning pop up window screenshot is not enabled I have looked at the settings and can't find the screenshot settings ?
  7. How often should you run a full scan ? as when I do the time predicted can be hours ?
  8. Tried screenshot don't work also tried upload file too big
  9. I get the warning pop up when in Monzilla fire fox I click continue and not to prompt me again this is pissing me off can someone tel lme how to resolve it
  10. I am running FF 32 bit I don't see tab Authorities in options Advanced
  11. How fo I check what you have suggested ?
  12. First post when I go on to Monzilla Firefox I get a warning of insecure connection ?