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  1. I also run run Mbam i heard they may be some issues if i try to update KTS and scan with mbam at the same time so i wanted to avoid that just out of interest how often does kaspesaky push out updates is there a set time between them eg-5 hours? are they done a t set time eg 0:;00 13:00
  2. hi is there anyway to delay the auto update after having started my PC? like for example by 30mins? it would still update automatically if my PC had been on for more then 30 mins
  3. hello i had to remove kaspersky protection from chrome because it was messing with youtube but now i cant find the add-on/extension in the chrome store could anyone help me please? I've tried uninstalling chrome then re-installing it didn't work
  4. ok when open kaspesky it says 1 warning 4 recommendations if i chose ignore or add to exclusions will the warning disappear?
  5. as you can see it say deleted not disinfected is the kaspersky window 1 detected 0 deleted 1 not disinfected should scan again and see if it detects it again?
  6. nt sure what you mean what should I look for in uninstall window
  7. I've already tried disinfect and restart 3 time and i still get this message what can i do? i really scared also can't seem to run a full scan
  8. I'll try again in the afternoon/evening of the 18th i suggest your do the same
  9. just got the following message for some reason it only happens when i try to go to this specific page all others pages on this particular website seem to be fine
  10. still saying update is 17/07/2018 09:15 time is now 23:40 (gmt)
  11. ok i asked because usually i have a later update by now i though it updated 2-4 times per day
  12. i'm not sure if this a fault/bug or not th last update time is showing as about 9.5 Hrs ago(its now 18:45 gmt) i run manual updates evr y hour for the 2-3 hours but still the same ' release time'
  13. 1) does the license start from when i but it or the first time i enter the code? 2) will it add-on to any existing licence i have for example if i have 20 days left and purchase a 1 year plan will it just be 365 days or 365 + 20 for a total of 385
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