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  1. Well that makes thing worse in our case. We have many users who take their laptops with them over weekend (when scan task is scheduled), and when they all come back at monday and get on the company network, task does run for them but it also makes their computers unresponsive so they can't work "normally", because kaspersky takes their entire cpu cycles. It would be great if we could deploy "local" scan task to laptop pc's so it would trigger even when laptop is outside company network (e.g. at their home).... I know that it can be done with config file, but that can only be deployed at application installation....
  2. But what if laptop isn't present on local network when task is scheduled to start?
  3. Thank you for your replay. We use: Kaspersky Security Center 10 Administration Server 10.4.343.0 Kaspersky Security Center 10 Network Agent 10.4.343 Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 Service Pack 2 fro Windows
  4. How does one go with scheduling Security Center 10 Virus Scan task for laptops that aren't on local (security center) network when task is scheduled to start? Problem is that task is scheduled to start lets say at Sunday, but I have many laptop users that takes laptop with them so they aren't available to Security Center server when scheduled scan task occurs.. If I set "Run missed tasks" check-box then task will trigger start for all users returning to work post Sunday (e.g. Monday), and slow down their laptops to the point of being unable for them to work normally... Is there a strategy for this ? Can i deploy local Sunday virus scan task to laptop computers so it would scan wherever they are.. ? Thank you for your help!