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  1. Hi, I use KIS on all my Android devices. Recently, I have seen alarming messages while browsing unsuspecting sites. A popup will appear with an alarming message about a trojan/virus coming from a suspicious link I have not browsed. Whenever these messages appear no further action is taken with the browser and phone is immediately turned off. Subsequent scans with Kaspersky reveal nothing. I have factory reset the devices but the messages come back. My questions are: 1. Why is Kaspersky not blocking these sites? 2. What kind of attack is this, how does it get a foothold on my device? 3. How do I prevent this attack? The links are: hxxp://agjggrafgarwi.bid/1NT40d/wvSKWy?d8078db1c609a4685a38c544f8a15588bbd00aff3e92e98d2b345d923d62eff97cf4d1004f38bf62e77d20911542f98add83a2a4de3672c3f5a01bc99a336612596e132b577d70172e44b6ed344d40d33b7446cfb4e6ed9a094bfbff04a09620fa267d3dd83d389a4361dfc7b0ba02a9c1356461ba1a66791e29cb8007e42bda8589edc8306576ce1f894f291d7c0adafa54e63dfa19b012814e8eef19420e6c2f0556dc2733b5cad76787a2b163314c78e16f529351b2e1e60ed258dafd05358057008c0c6ff41de0164aa1ed1adc496f0211236382965f2ccd770bc7919c5e48cbf4ac5ce4501dd0fd35aa50d26309 hxxp://agjggrafgarwi.bid/1NT40d/wvSKWy?d8078db1c609a4685a38c544f8a15588bbd00aff3e92e98d2b345d923d62eff97cf4d1004f38bf62e77d20911542f98add83a2a4de3672c3f5a01bc99a336612596e132b577d70172e44b6ed344d40d33b7446cfb4e6ed9a094bfbff04a09620fa267d3dd83d389a4361dfc7b0ba02a9c1356461ba1a66791e29cb8007e42bda8589edc8306576ce1f894f291d7c0adafa54e63dfa19b012814e8eef19420e6c2f0556dc2733b5cad76787a2b163314c78e16f529351b2e1263793db92b608b43913d84a2651f1d157dbe179552d2196d83c08350e18d103f7f27fccbd404b665acec743d9fbaf55f70f4e7300434b59 hxxp://agjggrafgarwi.bid/1NT40d/wvSKWy?d8078db1c609a4685a38c544f8a15588bbd00aff3e92e98d2b345d923d62eff97cf4d1004f38bf62e77d20911542f98add83a2a4de3672c3f5a01bc99a336612596e132b577d70172e44b6ed344d40d33b7446cfb4e6ed9a094bfbff04a09620fa267d3dd83d389a4361dfc7b0ba02a9c1356461ba1a66791e29cb8007e42bda8589edc8306576ce1f894f291d7c0adafa54e63dfa19b012814e8eef19420e6c2f0556dc2733b5cad76787a2b163314c78e16f529351b2e15fd4815b6b76a86c1188fe833558d74aa5aed3b0618aa51882ae20eaeca303f8c07e31d2c2a58337aeda6bdf4daf2591# tks
  2. Hi, I've had a security breach on my home network. Desktop was compromised and some devices connected to the wireless network too. The security problem was solved by formating and reinstalling Windows 10 on the desktop and performing a factory reset on the wireless devices (for insurance all 4 wireless devices were reset). The 4 devices and desktop are part of a 3-year license for KIS and were configured in the My Kaspersky portal. As of now they still appear on the My Kaspersky dashboard and some show "last connection" later than the factory reset. But when I enter the Kaspersky app on them it shows the 30 day trial notification and realtime scanning is turned off. In the desktop it's the same thing, trial version installed and will expire in 30 days. How do I get all 5 devices reconnected to my KIS license? cheers
  3. Hi, Just read word about a bug affecting Windows Microsoft Malware Protection Engine. Details here. At first look it should only affect MS virus protection products but, as I understood it, could also affect other antivirus vendors that use the Microsoft's Malware Protection Engine (MsMpEng). Do KASPERSKY products use MsMpEng? rgds,
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