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  1. İ was reinstall kaspersky. Nothing changed ** GSI + Directory Properties ** https://yadi.sk/d/d708JdTZ3SLijv
  2. Hi, cd\ cd "program files" cd "kaspersky lab" cd "networkagent" klmover -address klnagchk klnagchk klnagchk cd\ cd "program files (x86)" cd "kaspersky lab" cd "networkagent" klmover -address klnagchk klnagchk klnagchk change IP address as your KSC IP address, then save as .bat file. And run on any client machine. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Run the following private fix. (This file only use this version.) Normally the user needs to ask for the username and password that is defined when the scan is canceled. This version also has a tiny bug. With this fix, problem was resolved. Thanks. pf3064(1).zip
  4. Hi Konstantin, As a test I installed a machine and installed the updated versions. I had a few question about this directory. ** What should be the average file size of this directory (Kaspersky does not update Windows and 3rd App) ** Why do Kaspersky use the files in this directory? ** If I delete the files in this directory, will Kaspersky work properly? **GSI** https://yadi.sk/d/d708JdTZ3SLijv Thank you.
  5. Hello, The following directory is different size on several machines. (500) "C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\" This directory can reach file sizes of 1 GB, 5 GB and 10 GB. If I delete the files in this directory, will Kaspersky continue to work properly? OS : Windows 10 1511 - 1607 Kaspersky Endpoint Version : Network Agent Version : 10.1.249 Best regards,
  6. Hello, Problem was solved. Thanks for attention.
  7. I deleted the downloaded files and ran the task again.This time a total of 2 GB files went download and i think this was a normal size. You can find files properties on attachment. Thanks for helping! wsus.txt
  8. Hi, There updater agent in the environment in different regions. There's synchronization in the computers, and the network is slowing down too much. On the Windows side, I think that Windows 7 security and critical updates obviously should not be 66 GB. How can I reduce the size on this side? There is no problem on the disk side. But in my environment there will be 15+ Update Agents and it will be obviously slow on the network side. Thanks for helping.
  9. Hello, I am downloading Windows 7 Critical and Security updates via KSC. The media file size is 66 GB. Is there no abnormality on this side? You can find exported task on the attachment. I also want to ask you another question. The Windows Update files are also copied in 2 directories. What is the reason of this? C:\ProgramData\KasperskyLab\adminkit\1093\.working\FTServer C:\ProgramData\KasperskyLab\adminkit\1093\.working\wusfiles Thanks wsustasks.rar
  10. I did the tests on the videos with my own USB stick . We will buy a different USB stick for the company. If the same situation occurs again , i will send GSI report. Thanks for help.
  11. I was doing tests on my own USB memory. If I encounter the same error in the devices to be taken for the institution, I will send you the GSI report. Thanks for attention
  12. Hi again, https://yadi.sk/i/2GEcaBwh3NKqQU I tried the same scenario as NTFS the result was the same. Probably hardware-based. Thanks for your help.
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