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  1. Data is Encrypted With GDCB-DECRYPT

    Hi, Any answer? I think this part of the forum is disabled. No one never answers!!! Regards,
  2. kaspersky for Exchange installation Error

    Hello Kirill, thank you for your support. BR,
  3. kaspersky for Exchange installation Error

    Dear Nikolay, any Update on the issue? waiting for your reply? Thanks,
  4. Dear Support,kaspersky 10 for windows server is installed on the server.data is encrypted with GDCB-DECRYPT.Antivirus has recognized the virus but unfortunately the files are encrypted.GSI Log and the sample files Link is : https://www.dropbox.com/s/j74emzk9zhof2f3/GSI %2C Sample files.zip?dl=0 Please Advise?the password for the zip file is "virus"Best Regards,
  5. kaspersky for Exchange installation Error

    I am trying to install the latest version on the server. its a fresh install.I am not upgrading! I always install the latest softwares. BR,
  6. kaspersky for Exchange installation Error

    Hello Nikolay, here is the link for Kse.InfoCollector Log. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1g6sq1puk54cueq/Kse.InfoCollector Log.zip?dl=0 BR,
  7. kaspersky for Exchange installation Error

    Dear Ivan, The installation Log is attached. BR, kseinstall.zip
  8. kaspersky for Exchange installation Error

    Hello Ivan, where can I find The installation log? isn't it included in GSI Log?! BR, Fernando
  9. kaspersky for Exchange installation Error

    Dear Konstantin, Here is the requested GSI. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2b9zsrx1do8jfue/GSI6_100EXCH01_dej_02_04_2018_12_10_00.zip?dl=0 BR,
  10. Kaspersky for microsoft Exchange Windows server 2008R2 Microsoft Exchange 2010 SQL server Express 2008 Dear Support, on installation of Kaspersky for Microsoft exchange we encounter an error. screenshot is attached. Best Regards,
  11. Network Agent connection lost

    Dear Dmitry, The ports are open. BR,
  12. Network Agent connection lost

    Dear Kirill, In this issue DNS has been used. But i have seen in a place that IP address has been used and had this problem. This issue happens in some cases and sometimes it increases! Dynamic IP's has been used. When we run klnagchk on the client and when we send a hearbeat the connection status changes to ok. As I told you I have seen this issue on both IP and DNS addresses.it doesnt differ. BR,
  13. Network Agent connection lost

    Dear Forum , KSC 10.4.343a Agent 10.4.343a KES In some cases Client is turned on But In KSC we see that the agent does not have connection to the server.and it shows that the client is turned off. on the client we run "klnagui.exe" and send a heartbeat and then everything will be ok and on KSC we see that the client is switched to on mode. why this happens? to give you more information , in most cases by restarting the client this issue will still remain until we run "klnagui.exe" and send a heartbeat!!!! in KSC 10.4.343 and patcha for KSC 10.4.343 on fixes and improvement , kaspersky said that network agent connection has been improved. so why do we have this problem in some cases?!!! Best Regards, Fernando
  14. Web Console Credentials

    Dear civvuggi, Use your local administrator user and password to enter the web consol. Best regards, Fernando
  15. ks4ws installation error

    yes.its the local installation. i removed the KLIF file on C:\Windows\System32\drivers\klif.systhen I restarted the server.after that i tried installing ks4ws.the installation completed successfully.the issue is now resolved. Thanks