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  1. ks4ws password protection

    Hi Dmitry, here is the link: BR, Fernando
  2. ks4ws password protection

    Hi Ivan, so how can we control the application from stopping? BR,
  3. Hi, KSC 10.4.343 Kaspersky 10 for windows server there is no password protection for kaspersky we can easily stop or start the application. few month ago on the forum , a support engineer said that on the following SP or patches for there will be password protection included. patchcore 16 and recently core 17 has been released but there is no sign for password protection. could you please tell us that how we can protect the ks4ws from uninstalling , stopping and .......? if there is a news about the future changing in kaspersky 10 for windows server about the password protection , please let us know. BR, Fernando
  4. KasperskyLab Product Remover

    hello glabrador , actually its hard for users to find AV remover from the website. they don't have enough IT knowledge to find and execute it. more over on domain environment , users shouldn't have access to execute executable files.if they don't have access , then they cannot remove the KES!!! BR, Fernando
  5. KasperskyLab Product Remover

    the version that i sent you can uninstall network agent 10.3.407 and before. also KES and before. BR,
  6. KasperskyLab Product Remover

    there is no need for safemode. here you can download the attach file and remove your agent and KES , , , ...... password protected without any password!!!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/3wwlya4waq082pb/Kavremover 1.0.995.zip?dl=0 how do you say that? BR,
  7. KasperskyLab Product Remover

    as I experienced a lot , old versions could remove the password protected KES's. I remember we had problem with the user name and password , we used KAV remover to remove the product. BR,
  8. KasperskyLab Product Remover

    Hi, it would be better to eliminate the password prompt when using KAV remover just like the old versions. we used to use the app a lot , but now we do not see any reason to use this app. thank you for your response. BR, Fernando
  9. KasperskyLab Product Remover

    Hi Dmitry , well that's OK Dmitry . the version is 1.0.1266 , BR, Fernando
  10. KasperskyLab Product Remover

    is there anybody to answer my question?
  11. KasperskyLab Product Remover

    Hello, old versions of the kavremvr could remove the kaspersky product without any user name and password. unfortunately the current versions need to enter username and password , if we had the username and password , we didn't need to use the removal product!!!! so could you please tell us that what is the need of kavremvr ??!! BR, Fernando
  12. Remote Desktop Sharing [Solved]

    HI, I installed the KES and the issue has been resolved. Thanks ,
  13. ks4ws real time file protection setting [Solved]

    Dear ivan , Thank you for your kind reply. Good info. The case is resolved. Thanks , Fernando
  14. ks4ws real time file protection setting [Solved]

    Dear Nikolay , I read the article , now I know the difference , The question is , the protection status level. If I choose "on run" , does it affect the protection level?
  15. Hello , KSC 10.4.343 KES KS4WS on the KSC when we open the KS4WS policy properties , on real time-protection properties , we can see 4 object protection mode. the default mode is on "on access and modification". what is the different between these 4 modes and what if we change the mode e.g to "when run" mode? does it increase the risk of infection? BR, Fernando