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  1. I obtained that information from the ticket(INC000005460471) I created several months ago. In the ticket, they also mentioned that the issue was registered as a bug. Thank you, Seong-Joo Kim
  2. Subject: Latitude E7450 is still facing compatibility issues for "Encryption" functionality. Testing Environment: Windows 7 Professional K Build Number: (mr3_beta) Scenario: 1. Installed KES (mr3_beta) 2. Installed the encryption components (via custom installation) 3. Installed AES Encryption Module (256bit, unloaded with MR3 beta) 4. Applied policy 5. Checked an error message on the "encryption" status after a reboot. Expected Result: "Encryption" policy would be applied and start encrypting my computer. Actual Result: Encryption compatibility was failed;as I once faced the same issue in SP1 MR2, I was told that this issue would be fixed SP1 MR3 version. The following is the number of the incident I created for the issue: INC000005460471 In addition, since the capacity for attachment is limited to 300k, I have attached only a screenshot of an error message. If you want to receive GSI or trace logs, please let me know. I will be looking forward to your response soon. Kind regards,
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