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  1. It seems im not the only one got this problem. I have been uninstall Kaspersky many times because of this bug. It happens when i restart in router page. I cant access it again. Browser just said: Connection was reset blah blah .
  2. Network monitor : I think Kasperksy auto block all network activity based on something. There is no notification or anything, it just blocks stuffs on its own. Btw, im using KIS 2017
  3. Idk if this is a bug but: When i play game in full screen, kaspersky disconnect all connections automatically except game connection. It means: i can play game but can not surf webs or do anything with internet outside the game. When i close game and restart adapter, everything work normally.
  4. There is something wrong with KIS 2017 After a long time, it disconnects everything.
  5. It is still the same. Another bug: Kaspersky automatically disconnect my Internet when i playing game. On my browsers, only the tabs connected to kaspersky-labs.com can connect to Internet, other tabs or connections can not. The game is still connected, i can play but if i open google.com on browser, it dont connect. To put it simply, kaspersky block all connections after i open game, the connections before i open game are still alive.
  6. So strange. I uninstalled and re-installed, i can go to normally now.
  7. Cant connect to When i uninstalled KIS 2017, i can connect now.
  8. I have tested a lot and found out: Scan encrypted connection ON, Inject script ON : you can not load facebook.com, full of unknown texts Scan encrypted connection ON, Inject script OFF: you can load facebook, but you can not upload files. You can upload images only. Scan encrypted connection OFF, Inject script ON: everything back to normal, facebook works, upload files works. This is my setting atm: Another thing is if you turn on Scan encrypted connection, Kaspersky will start asking block certiface or not on some random websites . Its weird.
  9. When i go to facebook.com, this problem happens to any site, the site is stuck at loading If i turned off the inject script option, everything works
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