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  1. Ok. We'll try to collect the information you are asking for. Please give us some days to work on that Thanks
  2. Yes, i've created an incident and they answered an hour ago. "INC000009396148" I have to answer some questions to them.
  3. I've registered another time and now i'm ok. What's the next step?
  4. Hello Evgeny, If i press "yes", this i what i get In order about the chipset manufacturer/driver version, I think they are similar, but the certainty is that they are all Lenovo ThinkPad Notebooks. Two of them, are Dell Latitude e7450.
  5. Hello Evgeny, what do you mean with "Do you have any wi-fi network list specified in device control ?" The only thing that we changed is the "check". It's the only thing that some weeks ago another people said here to solve the problem but, as i said, the problem is not resolved. We are uninstalling the KAV from the PCs with problems, because they get a BSOD
  6. Dear Evgeny, I've not received the activation mail from https://companyaccount.kaspersky.com/account/create I've made 2 times the account, but never received the mail and password.
  7. Dear Ivan This week we begin to have problems again with this issue. The worst part of the case is that the users suddenly lose the connection, and when deactivating and activating the adapter again, a BSOD is thrown by the operating system. This I published in another topic, "BSOD - Klim6.sys". However, where can the root cause of this continue to occur? The policy was modified, such as we saw a few weeks ago (attached a screenshot) Thanks since now, Best regards.
  8. Dear Kirill, good evening. The problem we have, punctually, is the following: Prior to the BSOD, the cause is that the WiFi adapter "turns off" ('limited conectivity' in the Wi-Fi connection.) This was related by me in this topic: When you deactivate and re-activate the adapter, after a few moments, the operating system gives us a BSOD Prior to registering, downloading, and applying the patch, can you confirm if these problems are related?
  9. Buenas tardes a todos. Nos está ocurriendo que en la consola, la mayoría de los equipos con el estado "Critico/Visible en la Red" y el mensaje de error "No se ha realizado ningún análisis antivirus desde hace mucho tiempo" Adjunto una captura para verificar esto Por otro lado, acabo de generar un topic en el foro en ingles acerca de "BSOD" con el "klim6.sys". Justamente, me puse a verificar uno de los equipos que da error, y en el mensaje de eventos esto es lo que se ve Aqui un detalle de los eventos de este equipo en particular. Agradezco su ayuda al respecto, Saludos.
  10. We have several users that are experiencing regular BSODs. Minidumps point to klim6.sys as the cause. Versions: Agent - 10.4.343 KES - I'm attaching 1 picture of the user. The only solution we have found is to uninstall the antivirus, but we think it can't be the solution, because we are turning the computers vulnerable to any type of virus. I've read that another customers had the same error ( ) but cant found the solution they applied. Thanks.
  11. Dear Ivan. We are monitoring if it happens again. As soon as possible I will be giving a feedback. thank you for your help
  12. Its okay, now i can see the "Device Control" in the policy. But, the question i have is.. the wifi is turning off because this check in the policy? that's the reason? or could be another reason? What do you recommend?
  13. Ivan, thanks for your fast reply!! This is the menu and the check you refer?
  14. Here i found some related topics: disabling wifi [In progress] Endpoint 10 causing wireless adapter to hang [In progress] Kaspersky interferes with wifi connection [INC000007583520] But with no solution.
  15. Estimados buen dia. Hace ya aproximadamente 3 meses hemos migrado el servidor de antivirus, de un equipo fisico a una maquina virtual. Para migrarlo, se ha realizado una instalacion limpia de cero. En el servidor antiguo, reapuntamos los clientes mediante el agente de red, al nuevo servidor. Hasta ahi, todo OK. En los ultimos 40 días, empezamos a notar que ciertos equipos, aleatoriamente, se quedan sin conectividad WiFi, es decir, pierden la conectividad de la red a la cual están conectados, pero ademas de esto , el factor grave es que dejan de tener visibilidad de las otras redes WiFi. La unica forma de que vuelvan a ver las redes, es que acudamos nosotros (helpdesk) y apaguemos y volvamos a prender el controlador Wireless. Aqui algunos ejemplos: La unica forma de resolver este inconveniente, es acudir al equipo, y deshabilitar/habilitar el controlador WiFi. Investigando, notamos que el KAV tiene una seccion de "Control de Dispositivos" en la cual se muestra que maneja el control de dispositivo WiFi. Sin embargo, nos hemos vuelto locos buscando en las 2 policy (Agente y Endpoint) y no encontramos en ningun lugar la sección que hable de "CONTROL DE DISPOSITIVOS". Endpoint: Nos hemos vuelto locos buscando el "WiFi Device Control" y no aparece por ningun lado, ni en policy de agente, ni en policy de Endpoint... Policies de servidor: Policy "KAV Endpoint 10 SP2 for Windows" Esta es la distribución de aplicaciones por versión: Por favor, podrían ayudarnos? cada vez se torna mas critico y complejo, ya que cada vez afecta a mas usuarios. La unica solución que hemos encontrado, es desinstalar el Endpoint en los clientes, pero no es la solucion que queremos. Gracias!
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