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  1. I don't see that option anywhere. Turning off web AV, should mean "GFTO of my browser"... Yet another issue found where browser is attempting to contact kaspersky servers during my browsing (see attached screen). Please, I just want a antivirus. Not a firewall, not a browser plugin... just an antivirus. Please. Why is this so hard.
  2. Turning off web anti-virus apparently doesn't actually turn off web anti-virus... please advise. See attached screenshot. App version
  3. It's a tangent issue really. KIS was what was provided via the download link directly from amazon that was labeled "Anti-virus 2016". If it was the wrong product for my license, then the activation should have failed. Confusing the issue by insinuating that I somehow caused the issue by downloading the wrong product is unappreciated. Also, IS, supposedly being the more fully featured, more expensive product shouldn't be excused of the flaw. It was a problem with the product. Simply saying, opps we found a bug and we fixed it, is much better than saying, you the customer should have known better than to have used X license with Y product. To D-Auto-Resolved-D's point, the process you are describing means that you are knowingly misleading customers and justifying it with semantics. I too work in IT and know with limitations of off-shore support, so I understand why the front line support would fail pretty hard to address an issue this specific. That's ok. That's what higher tier support is for. What's not ok is taking advantage of those who wouldn't know any better. Anyway, thanks for your time. I'm glad it ended up being a fairly easy fix despite the rough start with support.
  4. Gave this a try and it seems to have worked. During the process it did say that I would be "upgraded" from Internet Security to Anti-Virus 2016 with my existing license (though wouldn't that be a down grade?). Anyway, seems to have worked. All I want is a file based virus scan anyway. I don't need hooks into every component/app I use. Thanks for the help.
  5. Please help... tried calling in, but the tech I got is clueless. I spent 20 minutes just trying to get her to document the problem correctly, and the email they sent restating the issue is way off. Support INC000006087540 I've been using Plex Media Server for a long time. Works great. After installing Kaspersky AV 2016 (v16.0.0.614) everything still worked fine. I don't care to have the extra overhead of all the processes, so I disable IM, Mail, and Web protections in the settings. After disabling those, Plex no longer works. Reenabling IM, Mail, and Web protections does NOT allow plex to work again. The only way I've found to fix it, once it's in that state is to completely uninstall Kaspersky AV. Adding Plex as a trusted app or excluding it's program folder doesn't work. Validated Plex's port are still open and functional on the local machine, but they are not reachable from anywhere else on my local network. Windows firewall settings appear the same as before with the correct ports allowed. The kaspersky logs do not show any helpful information, even after enabling "Log non-critical events".
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