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  1. Hi, Forrest. If you have a My Kaspersky account, you can sign into that, and re-download Kaspersky with your current licence. If you don't have an account, contact Kaspersky Support in your country.
  2. You're welcome. In addition your router/modem has a hardware firewall, and on mine, I've disabled Respond to ping, and also disabled UpnP. I let Kaspersy take care of the rest !
  3. Some while ago, I read that Kaspersky didn't consider in necessary to block ports, because particularly if you go to Settings > Additional > Network Settings and set it to Monitor ALL ports, then Kaspersky will block any unusual activity. If I'm wrong on this, one of the Kaspersky experts here will correct me, I'm sure !
  4. Not necessarily. I used to have Norton on my machines, and they always suggested to set networks as Public, as that gave the most protection. Whether the same applies to Kaspersky, I don't know, but I suspect it does. Fwiw, I have mine set to public, anyway.
  5. In addition to what Gjoksi has said, you can go to Settings > Additional > Notifications, and turn off those you don't want. I only have Notify about events checked, and rarely if ever, hear from Kaspersky.
  6. This is a user forum, and as far as I know, Whizard is a user just like you and me who gives his time voluntarily, as others do. It's in everyone's interest to increase their knowledge about the AV product they use, and you are free to accept or ignore advice from any member. Just my 2C !
  7. Thanks @xzz123 I might wait for that. The issue was that the safe web icons stopped working. Has that been fixed yet ?
  8. @Berny I had KIS 2019 on both my systems, but reverted to 2018 as 2019 had a few problems. In your or other expert's opinion, is 2019 now reliable enough to update ? I should point out that 2018 was running flawlessly, before I upgraded to the 2019 version as soon as released. is 2019 REALLY any better ? What do other users think, also ?
  9. In Kaspersky 2019 at least, there is this limitation listed. Quote---------- Limitations of the Kaspersky Protection extension in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox The Kaspersky Protection extension does not operate in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox if there is Malwarebytes for Windows installed on your computer. It doesn't specify whether that's an issue if real time protection is disabled in MalwareBytes, but just for info.
  10. mikethebike, I downloaded the TDSSKiller from the KLAB site, and I think it was a portable app. IOW, you don't install it. Just right click on the exe file, say if you downloaded it onto your desktop, and Run as Administrator. It then shows you the EULA which you need to agree to, and then you will be shown the UI which has various scan options. As to how efficient it is in scanning as opposed to the slow inbuilt option, that's a question for Tech Support !
  11. Hi, guys. I have TDSSKiller version, and on my desktop as a shortcut. I right click to run as Administrator, and it updates and then opens a UI with options. You then have to accept the EULA and when done and I ran it, it took 20 seconds. I downloaded it a while ago from KLAB's own site.
  12. Download the free Kaspersky TDSSKiller. It scans for rootkits, and takes a fraction of the time.
  13. @Viney In the Performance setting, I have everything disabled except Prevent infection during operating system restart. All AVs will use system resources, as they are scanning pretty much all the time. During a system scan such as the Full Scan, it will use pretty much 100% of the CPU. That's not an unusual situation. However, I can still browse as normal, so I wouldn't be too concerned.
  14. Your 2016 version is way out of date. As wgcuser says, if you have a current subscription, you are entitled to download the latest version. You can download from this link, https://support.kaspersky.com/kav19 or from your My Kaspersky account, if you have one.
  15. Couldn't agree more. I've gone back to the 2018 version and thanks for the link to the full installer !
  16. Hi, Diverse. You should uninstall Norton, using their uninstall tool. Reboot afterwards. As alex says, you should never have two real time AVs as if malware is detected, then they will cause conflict when both programs detect and try to remove the malware. One real time AV, and use the free versions of programs such as Malwarebytes and Zemana as your on demand back up scanners. Also programs such as Norton and KIS will disable Defender on installation.
  17. Hi, Vicki. See my post re the same issue. Seemingly the problem lies with Kaspersky so a fix may be upcoming. Norton had a similar issue a while back.
  18. Hi, all. Since installing Win 10 version 1809 aka RS5 on my 64 bit systems, my safe search icons have disappeared in ALL browsers. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix ? I tried reinstalling browsers and KIS, to no avail. Suggestions welcome !
  19. Some sites are saying not until October 10 to tie in with usual Patch Tuesday dates, so I wouldn't be too concerned.
  20. Just re-enable it. It won't affect performance, and then hopefully Kaspersky won't notify you again. Also in Settings > Additional > Notifications, I have everything unchecked except the first option.
  21. In addition to Berny's advice, I have been told by Support that you can upgrade to 2019 simply by downloading the 2019 version and over installing 2018 as they said that it uninstalls 2018 anyway, and overwrites it with 2019. I tried this approach, and KIS 2019 is working fine on both my systems. Just for info, but Berny's suggestion is the one most recommended.
  22. The problem is that Google and Mozilla want to take over our "protection". Frankly, I prefer KIS to take care of my anti phishing/anti malware protection, and I've disabled those functions in both browsers.
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